Prediction Thursday - Zippers & weird mascots

Good guys 21
Kangaroo kids 7

Tough to get excited about this one. Is it basketball season yet?

We only get 12 games a year, I get excited for every one of them. 27 to 10, Miami.

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Miami- 38 Akron- 17

Good 17 Bad 10

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Miami 31
Zippy 13

Seems most every time I pick us to win a game in which we are favored, we don’t. So I will merely wish the boys good luck and hope for the best!

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27-17 Red****s

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Miami - 37
Akron- 6

Miami Communists? Red and all those stars!


I normally pick Miami when we’re favored and don’t make a pick when we’re not. This week I’m going to call it as I actually see it happening.

Zippy 27
Swoop 21

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No score from me but Brett plays a 3-4 TD game and we win.

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Nooner Boomer

Both Akron and Miami are 0-2 in games starting at noon this year,

Akron averages 24 points in nooner starts while Miami averages 15…

I’ll flip the script and hope Miami wakes up first and will win 24-15…see what I did there?

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Miami 20-17. Hope the offense with Brett comes alive and scores the most this season .


Miami 27
Akron 21

I’d be a hoping that Brett starts up this game the way he played the 2nd half last week where at least he moved the ball. Didn’t account for many points but would hope with one more week under his belt he’s more up to speed and finish the job.

I mean come on man…Akron’s even worse than BG and Western. (I hope.)

Red Dudes 31
Zippies 17

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Miami 6-5 win.

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I used to care

He will

Damn. Just one PAT away from a perfect prediction. (Granted, Akron went for 2 so the score wouldn’t have been 27-10 anyway, but you get the point.)

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