Prediction Sunday - “Huskies”

Good guys 23
Puppy chow pukes 24

Fun fact…their mascot was the “Profs”, then the “Cardinals”, then “Evansmen”, and then finally they settled on the “Huskies”.


Miami - 37
NIU - 6

NIU 30
Miami 13

I never pick Miami to lose, but that’s where we are.

NIU 29 (Huskies FBS average)
Miami 18 (Miami FBS average)

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10-6 bad guys.

Early line on ESPN - NIU favored by 3

Not surprising.

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Interesting statistical analysis of likely outcome, Nescacdad.
If we keep doing what we’ve been doing (on offense), we will lose.

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Agree. I think we’ve got a good enough of a sample in 10 games to be able to fairly accurately predict the outcome. Both teams’ total point production has been relatively consistent in spite of the QB injury issues. Unless we’ve made a decision to change up our offensive scheme, I don’t see much reason to predict anything but our average point production.

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Yeah, no…or, to be specific…not again


I have hoisted the white flag…and beg for mercy at this point.

If Miami comes out strong and with half-time adjustments, Miami will flip the script and win 26-20…but my faith in being tested beyond my threshold of pain.

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24-14 red and white prevail

Niu 20 miami 13

22-9 NIU

Koehler’s Offense 84 - NIU 3

Fixed that…lol


Miami - 17 NIU-14

That could happen…will take a win anyway it comes.

MIAMI 2-0.

Not a lot of optimism on the board, which is pretty understandable given our recent play against weak foes.

Sometimes when it seems Chuck has taken us (once again) to rock bottom, his teams find a way to get it done somehow…let’s hope that’s the way it goes these last two games.