Prediction Sunday- Bobkitties

Good guys 13
Meow Mixers 23

Miami - 37
Ohio - 6

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Ohio 30 - Their average in FBS games
Miami 18 - Our average in FBS games

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OU 35
Miami 17

Miami 27 OU 24. We start a new homefield winning streak. I am hoping for a late season run.

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Extremely bad guys 24, extremely good guys 10.

When I can’t pick Miami with a straight face against Ohio at home in the 9th season of Martin, it is time to get a life and exit this board. Sad.


Yep, sad I can’t pick seriously pick us. Still will hang out here though. It’s not the fault of anyone here that I’m slowly losing interest in Miami football.


Well crap. Need to review what I post before I hit send. Seriously.

We win. Ugly game. Brett plays crafty.

I hope you peeps picking us to win are correct. Just can’t see it.

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Love to see us win somehow but unless something changes dramatically on offense I can’t see it happening.

But maybe we get lucky w turnovers and some key defensive stops and pull out a win w our normal paltry offensive output and scoring.

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Ohio U - 35
Miami U - 17

The line is Ohio by 1 so we can certainly win

Miami 27
Ohio 26


Miami-24 Ohio-21

The abandoned Japanese troop on an isolated Pacific island in me is still hoping Gabbert can get hot and we can win 24-21. Realistically, probably 28-10 OU.

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MU-----less than enough


Yeah, no…

Miami 27-24

A lot of blank stares by CM and all time outs spent by third quarter… :wink:

Otherwise…35 to 20 shocker for Miami.