Prediction Monday - Miami vs Buffalo

In the fine MHT tradition…

Good guys 23
Bull Shannons 10

I also predict the game will be far more enjoyable than watching the last 2 basketball games.


Miami 28 bulls 10 mac east champs

Last year, in losing to Buffalo, 24-20, Aveon ran for 2 TDs and Graham “Money” Nicholson had 2 FGs…so I expect a tough contest.
Miami should score at least 20 again but, to be safe, I’ll call it:

Miami 27
Buffalo 13

Miami 23
Buffalo 13


22 -16 Hawks, Muersch has a career day in catches :wink:

There’s a safety.

Miami 23-17. Two TD’s and three FG’s.

Miami 20
Scrawnalo 7

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PS3 *NCAA Football 13 * prediction:

Buffalo 9
Miami 35

Buffalo had a 3-0 lead after one quarter of action but then Miami’s D took control. Austin Ertl recorded a strip sack and recovered the ball at UB’s 9. Three plays later, Rashad Amos scored from a yard out and on the UB’s next offensive snap, Ty Wise picked off UB to set up another short field. Buffalo sacked Aveon Smith on 2nd down, causing him to lose the ball. Miami recovered and the ‘Hawks were looking to set up a field goal with a screen pass. But Kevin Davis managed to zig-zag by tacklers and scored on the screen play to bump the lead to 14-3. The big play of the game came in early in the 3rd when a deep fade actually worked. Smith found Gage Larvadain on 3rd and 10 and Gage did the rest for the 82-yard score. Miami added another Amos TD and a Smith TD in the 4th to wrap up the scoring.

Aveon was an extremely efficient 9/12 for 152 yards and 2 TD passes (plus the rushing TD). Amos had just 11 yards at halftime but finished with 90 for the game. Larvadain made his 2 catches count, as he racked up 106 yards receiving.

POTG went to Wise, who finished with 8 tackles, including a sack, an interception, and a fumble recovery.

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Miami 24
Buffalo 16

Take the Under. Miami barely covers. A win is a win, especially when it clinches a trip to Detroit.

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Miami 20 Buffalo 9

Miami 17-10. Would love to see more offense from the pass. WRS are too good for last 2 game stats to continue.

Is Gage ready to go this week??


for his one pass?


Will be interesting to see what happens when the Buff’s put 11 on the line of scrimmage. No respect for passing game because at this stage we don’t deserve it.

“Respect is earned.”

I see a low number.

MAC East Champs 17—and maybe 13 is more in line unless we loosen up the passing game
Buffalo 7

Against the 3 other bowl eligible MAC teams, Buffalo is averaging 12 points on offense, and giving up 25 on defense.

So, Miami 24 - Buffalo 10

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I hope it’s not run, run, pass, punt. This game surely can’t be as boring as the last one. Hey Chuck, let AVEON throw on 1st or 2nd. He might surprise you.


Andy, you’ve seen more Miami football games than this entire board put together. Get ready for a snooze fest unless Chuck just tells them “Run it down their damn throats” and Miami will take it.

31-7 MU over the bullshitters.

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Miami 26 Buffalo 13

Unlike some here, I don’t care if it’s “boring” as long we win. I’m seeing something like 23-9 Miami. Aveon throws a little more, but nothing too crazy (7-13 for 76 yards, mostly YAC yardage).