Predicting the rest of our conference schedule

Hopefully Brown is not out for an extended period of time, or else we might not even make it to Cleveland. Assuming he’s ok, here’s how I see the rest of our schedule playing out:

@ EMU 65-75 L
vs Kent 77-72 W
@ Akron 73-71 W
vs. WMU 86-73 W
vs. BGSU 75-69 W
@ OU 72-87 L
@ NIU 68-70 L
vs UB 73-77 L
vs CMU* 85-69 W
@ UT 68-76 L
@ CMU 73-65 W
vs. EMU 80-68 W

*ESPN has us listed as hosting CMU on 2/24 as the makeup, but there is no time set.

That’s 7-5, having us finish at 10-9, with a game at BG still needing to be made up. Assuming that’s played and we lose, we finish at .500. Good enough to make the MAC Tournament, but likely a quarterfinal exit. At 16-15 overall, does one of the lower level tournies want us?

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Brown’s not going to be back anytime soon. Our defense is ranked 310th nationally, and getting worse. I appreciate your optimism here but there’s no way this team, as is, goes .500 or better in conference.

Sad state of affairs for this team when .500 is “optimism.”


From what I’ve seen over the past several games, there is no way I see us going 7-5 in the rest of the MAC schedule, with or without Dalonte. Even if we finished at .500, there is no way the NIT would be interested. As to the CBI or whatever they call the other low level tournament…meh. Just turn the page and start the baseball/softball season.

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Of course the NIT wouldn’t want us. We have a better chance of running the table in Cleveland than the NIT coming knocking. I meant the CBI or CIT. With COVID travel restrictions, they may be desperate for teams. If we were excited for football to play in a “made-up” bowl," why not let our hoops team get a taste of the postseason?

I’m afraid I just can’t get quite as fired up for that. And we have absolutely zero chance of winning the MAC tournament with the way we have played since the UC game. What does losing in the first round to a 14-17 team from the Big South or Colonial do for us?

I think you misunderstood me. I’m not saying I think we will win the MAC Tournament, but we’d have maybe a 5% chance? There’s literally zero chance the NIT invites us. And while a CIT game might not fire you up, don’t you think our seniors would appreciate it?

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Perhaps. But they’re not currently playing like they even appreciate playing out the rest of the MAC schedule. I think they have to show a willingness to compete in the MAC. Otherwise, how they feel about a low level post season tournament appearance doesn’t resonate with me.

I’m visualizing “Playoffs! Playoffs! You’re asking about PLAYOFFS?”

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Even though I predicted a loss today, I didn’t predict THIS. I’d like to revise my forecast. We’ll beat Western at home as well as beat Central twice. We’ll also win one more, maybe when/if BG comes to Oxford (I originally had this as a road game). So counting today, 4-9. My bad. Sorry everyone. Hey look, another 13-win season.

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Obviously it could have been worse in EMU wanted it to be, but I was actually kind of close on the score.
Doubt I will be on the rest of them.

Does anyone know how the MAC tournament works. I know the top 8 go to cleveland but are there still games for the 5-12 seeds to see who makes it?

No. I think just the top 8 make it. We could still make it, but have to play much better than the last couple of weeks. The opportunity is still there.