Potential P5 Jobs for CM - G5 Hero Sports Article

I always figured Northwestern was the most likely landing spot.

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This article by Colton Pool reads like a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo spewed out of his fingers for the sake of Content™ and really is noting to get excited about at all.


What was his OOC record again?


This guy is a clueless hack

Yeah, it’s speculation for the sake of speculation. I’ve seen zero actual sources saying that Chuck is a name high on P5 coaching lists.

That all said, that can change if we keep winning and a few other Rust Belt jobs open up. It’s probably now or never for Chuck to get a better head coaching job than Miami, we’ll see if he bites even if it’s a lousy situation to jump into like Northwestern or something.

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Starting next season Northwestern will forever be a sub-.500 program. They will probably beat their FCS opponent and a weaker G5 on their schedule consistently. Then they’ll lost to their P5 OOC most years and consistently go 2-7 or 3-6 in Big 10 games.

Almost all sports writing that isn’t a post-game recap is speculation for the sake of speculation.

CM has the chops to be a P-5 coach so we shall see. Sidebar, if he goes P-5, he’s taking Gabbert with him.

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