Post Spring Depth Chart

Thought I’d take a stab at the depth chart coming out of spring.

Those more in the know can correct me. I didn’t include true freshmen for the most part because it’s hard to know who will come in and have an immediate impact ala Strader. I based this some on last years depth charts and some one the roster as it sits now.

QB - Bret Gabbert, Henry Hesson, Maddox Kopp, Thomas Gotkowski

RB - Downing, Tracy, Keyon Mozee, Kevin Davis (also plays WR), Jordan Brunson, Josh Ringer

WR - Javon Tracy, Cade McDonald, Reggie Virgil, Andre Johnson, Kamryn Perry (not on roster yet), Ryan Sims, Cole Weaver

TE - Jack Coldiron, Nate Muersch, Preston Daniel

OL - Will Jados (LT), John Young (LG), Kolby Borders (C), Brandon Lawhorn-Moore (RG), Reid Holskey (RT), Charlie Nank, Eric Smith, Drew Terrill

DE - Brian Uguw, Corey Suttle, Josh Lukusa

DT - Kobe Hilton, Nasir Washington, Malacahi Clark

LB - Ty Wise, Matt Salopek, Corban Hondru, Adam Trick

Safety/Nickel - Eli Blakey, Ambe Caldwell, Silas Walters, Oscar Mcwood

CB - Raion Strader, Mychale Yarbrough, William Hardrick, T.J. Rush

A couple thoughts. I was guessing one some of the backups and a few of the starters.

Interior d-line is probably my biggest concern. Also have to find that other CB opposite Strader.

OL should be really good. LB’s are probably one of the best groups in the country.

Curious how the WR shakes out after Tracy and McDonald. Many on this board have been high on Virgil for a while. Seems like he’ll get his shot this year. Also have to imagine a couple of the transfers will have an impact there as well. Maybe Braylon Isom too, though he was not an early enrollee.

Losing Amos hurts, but I still really like our running back depth. Lot of versatility. I’ll be interested to see if Downing can be a feature back or if it will be more RB by committee like it’s been in the past.

Someone with more intel/football acumen can probably do a better job than me, but this is what I came up with.


Still no sign of Quez transferring to any place specific yet. Any chance he returns as a DB?

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I didn’t include him since he’s not presently on the roster, but who knows. Safety is the other position where we definitely took some hits. Although Blakey, Caldwell, Walters and McWood played a lot of snaps last year so there is still experience.


McWood is a LB.

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Yeah, all of the depth charts had him listed as the backup nickel.

He is a LB on the roster. Seems like he’s sort of a hybrid.

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I think that’s a pretty good guess. Although I would add “Unnamed FCS QB with lots of experience” to the backup QB mix .

I agree that interior DL is a weak spot. Tough to replace a kid like Ertl. Still trying to add bodies there, but the options are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Competition at #2 corner should be good. The fact that Jayden Williams left makes me think someone separated themselves in spring ball. William Hardrick (MSU transfer) might be one to watch.

We’re still trying to add safety help, so that appears to be another position the coaches aren’t settled on.


Corrected that for you…… lol

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