Post Season Accolades

Raion named first team freshman All American by The Athletic!

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Another one!

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Might just be me, but nothing there but a bunch of letters

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Fixed it.

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Here’s some serious BS from ESPN today!

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Graham is Bleacher Reports All American Kicker

ESPN is dead wrong. Nicholson is the best…by a substantial margin…,.no doubt if one is truly objective.


This guy basically admitted he’s never actually paid attention to us or to Graham’s stellar season.


So Ohio State’s student section won the Live Mas Award. Tennessee, Utah and Colorado were the three other finalist. We must have been 5th or 6th.



Helluva season - way to go Graham!


Miami and Graham looked amazing! Way to rep!

He was also dead wrong on both 1) who should win and 2/ who will win.

A complete whiff.

He never should have ignored Graham.


Yep. He can stuff his arrogance where the Sun don’t shine!


Graham makes the Walter Camp All American Team, too!

This Groza is going to get a lot of airtime on TV whenever we play next season. Good publicity. Also on ABC during the Cure Bowl. Has Miami ever been on ABC? The ABC bit is my favorite part about the Cure Bowl

Season Accomplishments:

  • MAC Champs
  • Great MAC Championship TV Ratings (nearly 2 million viewers)
  • Beat a Top 25
  • Winning the Portal
  • Double Digit Wins
  • Beat UC and OU in same season
  • Faced adversity in the beginning but in the end once again is the “Real Miami”
  • Top Defense and Special Teams in the MAC
  • Groza National Player Award
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Freshman All-American

Now Lets Add

  • Bowl Win
  • Top 25 ending ranking
  • 1st Win on a National OTA Broadcast on ABC


  • Beat Northwestern again (we are already 8-3 all-time vs NU)
  • Beat UC in Oxford again
  • Beat Notre Dame
  • 1st College Football Playoffs
  • 2nd Groza Award
  • Coach of the Year Award
  • and obviously still the MAC’s most winning and most Championships in conference history!

Twice, once against Michigan, once against OSU

Thank. I’m guessing not recently though?

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I just added 1st win on a national OTA Broadcast channel to my list.

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04 and 05

Definitely special that this is the first time the team has “earned” a game on ABC so to speak