Possible two year scheduling compact between 2PAC and the CUSA/MAC

On College GameDay Pete Thamell said the PAC-2 is talking with the MWC about a two year scheduling alliance. He also said a backup position involves an alliance with the MAC and CUSA.


This would be nothing new for MAC (see UCF, UMass). Could be fun to host a former Pac-12 school in Oxford.

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And don’t forget Temple.

Would love to see a conference game against the Cougs or Beavs in Oxford. I just hope we don’t get them next year with Northwestern, Cincinnati and Notre Dame on the OOC schedule with no FCS and a probable trip to Toledo.

I did forget Temple because, like UMass, they were pretty awful. And agreed, don’t want to face those guys next year.

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Miami already has four OOC games next year, UMass.

We were talking if one of these “PAC-2” teams were to join the MAC. It would be a conference game.

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Let’s just not agree to this unless we definitely will host them in Oxford. I don’t want any of this going to WSU with a promise for return home game that never materializes as we have seen in the past.


Misread, saw the three OOC listed and no FCS game.


Of course. But not an FCS game. Under an arrangement with the PAC-2 a game with Oregon State or Washington State would be a conference game. I agree with Blues to an extent. If it’s a two year agreement we should play one if them in Oxford and the other the second year in either Pullman or Corvallis.

Are they talking football only or all sports?

Football only if they do it. I think Thamel said they’d work with the WCC and Big West on basketball, baseball and Olympic sports.


It’s apparently Plan B in case nothing meaningful works out with the MWC.