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Former hawk Brian Silver is back in the portal after an uneventful year at Augustana

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Apparently silver found all that glitters isn’t gold.



True, but Silver is worth gold.


Quick glance at McEwen and Fillion, minus Kumlin, here:

Miami adds 2 to roster – View From the Glass

I’m liking this hire more by the minute.


Maybe he will come back to MU…

…no thanks😂

I felt like his junior year here he was definitely improving and developing but then he went to Augustana finished 0-0-0 in 16 games (he was a healthy scratch most of the time). I’d rather have room for another Noreen player


You might be right, I lack the nuance you and others have about hockey. But, if I can make a basketball analogy, we picked up a transfer this year who was on his third school and had never done much points wise at his other stops. Guy came in and had some huge point games for us, had several buzzer beaters and was an all-around great leader. Sometimes, it just takes the right coach to crack the code.


If Noreen thinks Brian silvers the guy I trust his intuition😂 he is pretty fast. And no offense to bergeron I have more belief in Noreen to “bring it out” of a guy. I’d just be more excited to see a new face/ someone who didn’t ditch the program.

Also I loved Hunter (if that’s who you were referring to), he was very much needed after saffords departure. And he went to high school with one of my best friends. I like how Steele has been bringing in players with cincy connections. Maybe with his phantoms connections Noreen can get more Ohio guys on the hockey team too.


Axel Kumlin to Notre Dame :face_with_monocle:

I agree, but his family is absolutely loaded and bankrolled many of the charter flights and much of the cost of getting the outdoor games in Chicago last decade.

Good for Barbs.

It looks like Toronto still hasn’t relaxed its COVID restrictions banning fans from attending games.

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Geez can they adopt me😂 And I like Brian, I remember he was one of the nicest players I met at one of the autograph events


Curious as to why they would bankroll travel to allow the team to charter then but were not while he was playing. Unless they were paying for something else.

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I don’t remember the specifics but as I recall several Silvers attended Miami.

To a lesser degree, the Spinells are another Chicago family that has had several graduates and provides significant funding. The family still has a suite at center ice where parents hang out during games.

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I see what you did here😂

Really? I don’t. :grinning:

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not😂

We need the second bestie!!


Hello! I’m new to the forum but I’ve been cooking up a little spreadsheet tracking the redhawks that I thought y’all may be interested in. I’ll try to keep it as updated as possible!

24-25 RedHawks


Thanks, friend :grin: Welcome to MHT!

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