Portal Tracking & Pro Signings

It’s that time of the year… haven’t seen any hawks pro signings yet but I’ve been monitoring the ECHL and AHL transactions page, especially for Fletcher and Barbolini.

We have one in the portal so far, Dylan Moulton

It’ll be interesting to see who we go for in the portal too. It definitely depends on how many/who we lost but also I think no matter what we’re going to need to target a veteran goalie with how young our room is looking next year (Noah West from UMich is already in there….) and probably defensemen with how many seniors we had on the back end. Wouldn’t hurt to get some high scoring forwards too :joy:

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McPhail (heard from multiple sources within a minute of each other).


Fletcher is out of eligibility. He transferred to Miami during the window when the extra year wasn’t being granted, so he got shafted. Barbolini: I have no idea but with Bergeron leaving, I lean toward thinking he’ll leave. But hopefully not.


I meant looking at them to sign a minors contract/tryout for an AHL team early. And I have very little hope that Barbolini is coming back :sob:

Wild how he still has eligibility but PJ doesn’t. Was it going back to juniors that screwed him over?

Not really, it’s that PJ’s freshman year was in 19-20. He did sit out 20-21, but even if he had played, then he’d be done now anyways. Barbolini’s freshman year was 20-21 which didn’t count so he technically only has played three years towards his eligibility.


Ohhh I see that makes sense I guess it would be year 6.

How does McPhail have another year though? He also started in 19-20. I wonder where he could end up too

He got a redshirt for one season plus another for COVID.

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For those interested: I created a Miami portal tracker that I’ll update with comings and goings.

2023-24 Miami portal tracker – View From the Glass


Jack Clement signed with the Cyclones!

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Hampus Rydqvist in the portal…

Reunion with Ludvig incoming??? Although I’m not sure Nodak will want him back they seem to be unsure of him right now as they refuse to name a starter for today😂

That was my first thought, but I’ve heard UND has enough D-men, and honestly I don’t know if he could crack that roster.

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His +/- was -3,-3, and -4 in the last three games there’s no shot he could play there :joy: he and ludvig might have to reunite at another school after hobie hedqvist steals his job (although he did just let in a goal).


Clement is playing vs the Indy Fuel right now. He’s wearing #20 for the cyclones. They were just talking about him on the broadcast because he got his stick stuck in the boards :joy:

Hopefully he can get a Win tonight, it’ll be his first one in a while!

Tomorrow the cyclones play the Wings which Jack Olmstead and Derek Daschke play for. Maybe I’ll try to get down to Heritage to watch some pro hawks

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He played a lot of minutes this year, that may have caught up to him the final few games, which were definitely a struggle.

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Yeah it’s not all his fault, I’m sure his numbers will go up when he leaves lol

Watching the Red Wings vs Predators and heard Miami get a quick shout-out as the alma mater of Kiefer Sherwood. I thought he had been mostly playing in the AHL but looked up his stats and he’s played in 56 NHL games this season and none in the AHL. Most NHL games in a season so far for him, and has 22 points.


Sherwood is really coming into his own. Last year he scored the first goal of the NHL season out of anyone on any team. I’m sure not many people had that bet cash out.

I’ve had him on my fantasy hockey team this season and he’s been a very productive member of my team, always in the positives, lots of hits, gets on the scoresheet pretty often. He had a Gordie Howe hat trick early in the season too. I think the line he’s on is working real well for the team. And the Preds have been insane recently.

Jack Clement in the starting lineup for the Cyclones tonight up agaisnt Jack Olmstead in the starting lineup for the Kalamazoo wings. Derek Daschke also in for the Wings.

30 seconds into the game Clement was in the zone taking the games first SOG. He’s been looking great!

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