Players celebrating senior night

Does anyone have a complete list of the young men who walked at senior night? Should we assume that anyone who did but still has eligibility remaining will be forgoing said eligibility?

I haven’t dug into it, but the only players listed as seniors on the roster are Ertl, McKee, Bolden, Wilkins, Marshall, and Dowell, so I would assume those are the only ones who have exhausted eligibility. No idea on the status of graduating players with eligibility remaining.

This is the list of players who walked on senior night:

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Crabtree not listed, so likely returning next year.

Who is Crabtree?

How is Amos on that list? This is his first year at Miami. Seems improbable that he would already be graduating

This is his fourth year of school, he could be graduating.

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Yeah, I just figured it would take him longer than a year here to finish his degree. Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe he’ll finish in the summer or something. Regardless, that makes me worry a little that he’ll be back in the portal after this season.


Ok. So I’m old but not crazy. I did see AV with his parents!

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Everybody on this list isn’t coming back next season? or just graduating and taking grad classes? Would like to see Amos back.

This is a list of guys graduating. Coach Martin said in one of his interviews that only 6 of these guys has used up all of their eligibility.

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Coldiron. Crabtree was a similar TE years ago. I think this was Coldirons 5th year in the program but he got injured in the first game of the season. I figure that means he is likely returning.

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I have often seen seniors in several sports acknowledged at the end of the season who returned the following year, even after graduation, because they had eligibility remaining and could see themselves working toward a post-graduate degree. I wouldn’t make any assumptions about all of those who walked last Wednesday night unless we know for certain that they have no more eligibility. The lure of one more year playing, especially for players who have waited many years already to enjoy serious playing time, especially if they have recently “hit their stride” as an athlete, is considerable.


Agree, @HawksVox. The big question is how many of them will jump in the portal and be able to play immediately elsewhere. This won’t be quite as big an issue after we work our way through the final COVID class.

I hope we are bringing in some interior DL because 5 of the guys on this list play that position: Ertl, Hilton, Collier, Snell, Norris.