Pick The Underdog 2022 - Championship Bowl Round

The regular season has ended and the Top-15 (listed below) advance to The Championship Round.

Odds for all Bowl Games will be posted within the next few days.

Please select a total of TEN (10) games NO LATER than the kickoff of the first Bowl Game (Miami vs. UAB). Your points for the games you correctly pick will be added to your current total.

If someone who did not make the playoffs would like to volunteer, the 15 qualifiers can send their picks to him/her via pm, and all picks will be posted together prior to the Miami kickoff.

57 - cwRedhawks
54 - UptownHawk1
52.5 - 19goSkins
45 - HawkLBacker
38.5 - NescacDad
39 - JiveHawk
38.5 - a26Dave
37 - D-Day
36.5 - Quinoaburger
33.5 - Idiot
33 - Love_And_Honor
31.5 - YellowNumber5
26.5 - The_Sackman
25 - Dick
25 - Eddie

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Pick 10!

Friday, December 16
Ala.-Birmingham -10.50 Miami (O)
Utsa -2.50 Troy

Saturday, December 17
Louisville -2.50 Cincinnati
Brigham Young -1.50 Southern Methodist
Washington State -2.00 Fresno State
Southern Miss -6.00 Rice
Oregon State -9.00 Florida
Boise State -8.50 North Texas

Monday, December 19
Marshall -10.50 Connecticut

Tuesday, December 20
San Jose State -4.50 Eastern Michigan
Toledo -1.50 Liberty

Wednesday, December 21
South Alabama -5.00 Western Kentucky

Thursday, December 22
Baylor -6.50 Air Force

Friday, December 23
Houston -4.50 Louisiana-Lafayette
Wake Forest -3.50 Missouri

Saturday, December 24
San Diego State -3.50 Middle Tennessee

Monday, December 26
New Mexico State -1.00 Bowling Green

Tuesday, December 27
Georgia Southern -3.50 Buffalo
Memphis -10.00 Utah State
East Carolina -7.00 Coastal Carolina
Wisconsin -3.50 Oklahoma State

Wednesday, December 28
Central Florida -2.00 Duke
Arkansas -5.00 Kansas
Oregon -10.50 North Carolina
Mississippi -4.00 Texas Tech

Thursday, December 29
Minnesota -7.50 Syracuse
Florida State -8.00 Oklahoma
Texas -3.50 Washington

Friday, December 30
Maryland -1.50 North Carolina State
Ucla -4.00 Pittsburgh
Notre Dame -4.50 South Carolina
Ohio -3.00 Wyoming
Clemson -5.50 Tennessee

Saturday, December 31
Alabama -5.50 Kansas State
Kentucky -3.00 Iowa
Michigan -9.00 Texas Christian
Georgia -7.00 Ohio State

Monday, January 2
Mississippi State -1.00 Illinois
Southern California -2.50 Tulane
Louisiana State -6.50 Purdue
Utah -2.50 Penn State

Where do we send our picks.

I have DICK’s picks to turn in, he has already left town.
I am leaving for the Bahamas Monday morning.

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You can post them before the Miami kickoff.

Or…If someone (not in the top 15) will agree to have everyone send them their picks via private message, then once all picks are received, they can post them.

Perhaps someone below can volunteer!

24.5 - MrMiami
24 - 75_Redskins
22.5 -MUhawk
21.5 - Grumpy
20.5 - Thechuck_2112
17.5 - ChrisW1980
14.5 - Mz343
11.5 - Professor_Fate
10.5 - MooreHawk
7.5 - Spanks
3 - Dudis41


PM your picks to me, I’m in!

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I don’t know you, but I like the cut of your jib.

1 of 15 received by mz343 (maybe more).

Post season pics for Nescacdad

10.5 Miami (O)
2.5 Troy
4.5 Eastern Michigan
2.0 Duke
10.5 North Carolina
3.5 Washington
4.5 South Carolina
3.0 Wyoming
5.5 Tennessee
9.0 Texas Christian

Sent to MZ

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Thanks mz343

Picks for UptownHawk1

Texas Tech
Miami OH
Ok State
South Carolina

If sending your picks to mz343, you don’t need to post them publicly. He’ll do it for you when all picks are in…Or just after the Miami kickoff.

Deadline: Miami kickoff.

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Might we get some sort of confirmation our picks have been received?

I just sent mine to mz. Maybe he can confirm the ones he received.

The only picks I don’t have are JiveHawk and Idiot.

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Thank you for the update! I hope you have a great start to the holidays. Made greater when we win our bowl game.

Mz343…Please post everyone’s picks! I’m assuming everyone picked Miami as one of their 10 picks.

Sorry Everyone. I’m out of town at a funeral this weekend so my schedule is different to say the least. Following are the picks that were messaged to me. I got nothing from JiveHawk and Idiot so I assume their point total is what it is.

Miami (Oh) +10.5

North Carolina +10.5

Syracuse +7.5

Oklahoma +8

Washington +3.5

Texas Tech +4

South Carolina +4.5

TCU +9

Tennessee +5.5