Penn State beats Illinois at Rec Hall

First of all, what a game.

This game returned to Rec Hall, where PSU played until 1986, and it now houses the volleyball programs. Capacity is about 7000, obviously tiny for the B10. But what a great venue and atmosphere. It made me wish Miami students could watch the end of the game and see what they’re missing, and what an actual basketball facility could do for the program and attendance. Pure joy and excitement. Made me wish we could move back to Withrow.


I would have loved to see a game in Withrow. It’s been torn down, right?

Yep. One of the best home court advantages ever. Lost to BG by 50 at BG, won in Oxford that same season. Opposing players hated to come to Withrow esp OU and Marshal.

There is a Withrow hall that’s a dorm, but not clear online if they gutted the existing building and renovated or tore it down entirely and built a new one. Either way, it’s totally different now.

I lived there last year. I assume they tore it down and built a new one. It’s a sort of blocky U shape like most of the dorms and there’s a nice little courtyard in the middle

The original Withrow was a cool multi-use building with team locker rooms for every sport except football, basketball and hockey. It had racquet ball courts, a fantastic weight room built by Coach D, and odd side room small gyms. One had mirrored walls and the golfers would practice there in the winter. In addition to the big gym here the court was (place should have been a location in Hoosiers, it was glorious) there was another big gym and we sometimes played tennis there with a portable net when it was too snowy to play outside or the roads were too bad to go to the indoor club in Hamilton.

You guys are wishing we still played in an arena that existed before Millet??? Millet is over 55 years old! You want to play in arena older than that?

I am pretty sure I played intramural basketball games in Withrow in the late 80s. It seemed like an odd structure too

In the late 60’s the football players would sit on bleachers on the baseline behind one basket and mercilessly heckle opposing players.

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Yep. Pity the poor opponent who fell into the stands. Sometimes they mysteriously had great difficulty getting back onto the court in a timely fashion. I was in a basketball class when Millett was being designed. There was much more attention paid to hallways, offices and restrooms than to home court advantage.

Old Withrow was very cool with the Hoosier style elevated bleachers along the sideline. Played many intramural basketball games there. However it was overcrowded for modern day teams/admin and functionally obsolete. I think it was torn down between 2014-2016?


I think you must mean Millett not Withrow as that would mean you were in college in the 1920’s!


@skin66 If you were a freshman in 1932, when Withrow was built, you would now be, well, dead.

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Yep, that’s where intramural hoops was held. There were 3 smallish courts setup perpendicular to the original full size court, such that the elevated bleachers were then behind one of the baskets.

Withrow must’ve been extremely loud when packed, because we had a nice crowd for the freshman intramural championship game, and the 100 or so in attendance sounded like 7,000 in Millett.

As YN5 mentioned, an additional smaller court was located in adjoining rooms at each end of the main gym. One of them was nice, the other was, well, horrid.

Withrow Court was old and smelly, but it was glorious.


We rolled an old ping pong table in the side gym and I kicked many asses on that rickety piece of shit. Good times!

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Well, I was on a double major plan, but not that long. Thanks for the correction. :sunglasses:


All good! Part of me thinks you might be onto something though…if you really were a time traveling 1920’s sports fan, you would have the best style ever. At Yeager, we’d spot you wearing a full length brown beaver coat with a pork pie hat on your head. You’d be holding a pendant shaped sign that simply read “rah” on it. And every time a ref made a bad call you would yell “now see here!” Or “that big six is a real piece of work!” I sorta want to show up as sporting events dressed as a 1920’s fan now that you get me thinking about it…

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Yeah the intermural hoops games were fun in Withrow…my recollection is that we always played in those side gyms on the end. I played in the intramural championship game in something like 1976 and it was in Millett. Good memories!

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I remember some fans ( no me ! ) throwing " hot " pennies at opposing players from the stands in Withrow given how close we were to the floor- a great venue - many fond memories - Freddy Foster, Phil Snow- etc- we would just walk across the street from the Phi Delt house and have fun - a great diversion from booking.

I remember Marshall star George Stone being so upset with his treatment from the football players that he eventually did something to get ejected and flashed the bird to the crowd on his way out. Then there were the yearly battles between Fred Foster and Don May of Dayton. Coach Tates Locke actually went to dinner at dining halls and frat houses to encourage support for the program.