Oxford weather tonight

7:30 48

11;00 42

No preciptation.

Watch those deer coming and going.


Great football weather. too cold for today’s student?

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Lol. You’re right about that.

Anybody see the turnout in Husky Stadium last Friday night in Seattle. 45 mph wind - so windy it knocked out the stadium lights for 25 minutes midway through the fourth quarter. On top of that there were occasional heavy rain showers and it was 50 degrees - yet the stadium 75% full.

Never happening at Miami!

Sounds like the temperature next week @ NIU will be about half of what it is tonight :cold_face:


Have to win two of the next three or this season is a total calamity! Better start tonight.

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Dressed in layers. Not too bad. Not too breezy.

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They need to have “quarter beers” to make sure the students show up.


My friend’s son graduated last Spring from Miami’s business school. He said it was tough to get to those weeknight games because of group meetings, projects, studying for exams, etc. It’s Miami academics getting in the way of fun.

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But…but…the players show up.

On Saturdays they show at the bars not the games to study the drink specials. Drive thru Uptown before or after games and it’s overflow out on the sidewalks.

I was there for first half, and there was a good amount of vocal students in clusters on the home side, and across the field as well. They got their beer, and they started to cheer. I could still hear them in the second half on TV after I got home. I consider that a plus. #MACtion is what it is, and its never going away. The TV money and exposure from ESPN (Hippenhamer was on top plays on SportsCenter) is what gives the MAC any kind of foothold in national recruiting. No one is looking to join the league, no other leagues want anyone from the MAC, so #MACtion is the marquee thing. We’ll have to do our best to make the Saturday experience the best it can be by SCHEDULING MORE THAN THREE HOME STATURDAYS AND NO MORE FCS. Either we force UC back to home-and-home or we drop out of the series. I will entertain offers to take more money from UC as a real buy game.

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