Oxford to approve new hotel that backs up to Millett parking lot

I don’t think the people who are planning this have been near that area when the students are in town


Much needed! Next get Graduate to build one!

I think it’s probably the best possible plot of land near campus and the northern athletic facilities in all of Oxford. There’s certainly room on the outskirts of town by Walmart, Talawanda High, or the Knolls for another hotel, but you can’t charge the rates you get from somewhere next to Yager and walking distance to Uptown.

The Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis was right on the edge of the Minnesota campus, an easy five minute walk to the football stadium, the rink and the basketball arena.

"Plans call for 92 hotel rooms but no pool, restaurant or bar. "

If there’s one thing that area of town needs with a hotel, it is a restaurant.

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Most mid-market, non-conference hotels don’t have restaurants today.

Coffee and granola bars in the am.


No restaurants or anything around, just student housing. Not a good place for it…

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Who needs a restaurant. Isn’t there that take out alcohol place right across the street!


As long as it has a new basketball arena in it…who needs a restaurant?


Or just include a big conference room/ballroom with a high ceiling and put the floor in there, like they do in the Bahamas every November.

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The people planning this are townies with a thirty year history of building hotels/motels in the region. They have built many large buildings and projects in Oxford and all have had a nice appearance. They have built the Elms hotel uptown, Stuart Square with the Hampton Inn and apartments and business establishments as well as the new large condo/apartments south of Spring street. Whatever they put there I do not think it will be shoddy.


Personally I am looking forward to a Fairfield Inn that charges $275 a night!! :rofl: :rofl:

Additional hotel rooms are badly needed in Oxford. Even at $275 a night one or two weekends a year, it reduces the chances of having to stay in an I-75 motel in Middletown for a home football game.

Although that would bring us some lodgings tax revenue for Warren County if you did (stay at an I-75 hotel in Middletown-that portion of Middletown is in Warren County!)

Yeah but it’s a long walk to and from High Street.

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I have been in discussions with Drury for years to build in Oxford.

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More tax scofflaws for Chris to go after! :rofl:


Just an FYI: That group you are referencing is not involved with this hotel at all.

I know, because I work for said group.

Sorry for mistake. Any idea who is involved?