Other MAC Scores

Pretty solid night for the MAC overall. Akron, 1 second away from a W against tOSU

NIU is beating Washington on the road by 11 with a few mins left
EMU only lost to Indiana by 6
OU beat Belmont by 12
Toledo beat Valpo by 8
CMU lost to Mizzou
BG lost to Western Carolina
Ball State lost to Georgia Southern

All games were relatively close. Really impressed with Akron, EMU, Toledo, NIU, and Miami!


It’s worth noting that CMU was within 4 of Missouri with less than a minute to go before Mizzou added on some free throws at the end.

Lots of Miami and MAC mentions…

Surprises, overreactions and everything we learned on opening night in men’s college basketball

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I stayed up and watched the end of the Huskies-Huskies game. NIU sealed the deal over the taller UW Dawgs in front of a raucous crowd and won by 6 or 7. Maybe we’re not a one bid league this season!

WMU lost at home by 17 tonight to D2 Saginaw Valley St.

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Go Barry Huckeby!

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Ohio was tied with Kentucky at 48 with 13 minutes to play. UK won 77-59.

Stetson wins by 1 at Lamar on a bucket with 3 seconds left. GT leading by 6 at UGA with 2+ minutes left.

A nice transitive result in Athens. Georgia Tech is going to beat a UGA team that UC beat by 5 at home.


Devoe scored 37 in the Tech win. Probably a good thing we played them early, as they seem to be putting it together.


I knew Frankie wasn’t coaching there any more, but I didn’t expect Miami to have anyone still on staff!

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Me either, I was just curious.

In like ‘92 or ‘93, a buddy got us tickets in the UK student section for a Miami road game at Rupp. Miami only trailed by 1 at halftime, before Mashburn destroyed Miami in the 2nd half. We stopped for gas on the way home and Huckeby pulled in behind us. He was either being redshirted or was injured. My friend chatted with him for a bit, seemed to be a good guy.

Thank you GT

Earlier today Toledo knocked off previously undefeated Charlotte in the Bahamas and Kent St knocked off previously undefeated James Madison in Naples.

Based on early results, it looks like there’s two very distinct tiers that each have 6 teams in the conference this year.

Top Tier:
Kent St

Lower Tier:
Bowling Green
Ball St

We have 5 home games and 4 road games against the top tier, along with 5 home games and 6 road games against the lower tier.


How TF did NIU beat Washington?

I watched the second half.they outhustled the bigger Dawgs and hit shots.

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Also Washington is really not that great of at PAC-12 school. They were near the cellar last year.

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