Other MAC bowl games

If you are like me, you root for our conference mates (well, maybe except OU) in their bowl games.

Thought I’d start a thread on those games, and the match ups and expected outcomes.

To start the discussion, thought it was interesting that the MAC will not be in The Boise Bowl; instead, EMU gets the Mobile Bowl slot and faces hometown S. Alabama. Not sure why EMU wasn’t sent out to Boise, but will be somewhat surprised to see them win this game.

BG gets to stay “home” with a game in nearby Detroit (how exciting) against “row the boat” PJ and his crew. I think BG will be very competitive in this game.

I like Toledo to beat Wyoming in the Barstool Bowl.

NIU playing Ark State in Camellia, definitely winnable game for the Huskies.

And our “favorite” MAC team, the OU Bobkittens take on a decent Georgia Southern team. I see OU w a good chance of winning this game as well.

All in all, it sets up pretty well for the MAC to have a good bowl season.


Looks like some of our Bobcat brethren weren’t all that excited about the Barstool experience.

EMU is probably just happy to be going to a warm place and not Detroit. They don’t draw in Ypsilanti and there are lots of snow birding Michiganders in the Florida Panhandle. Go Eagles!

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Yeah I expected EMU (to me the least impressive MAC bowl team) to play in nearby Detroit (not that they’d draw a lot), but they end up elsewhere.

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Happy for them!

A lot of boomers in there. Makes sense.

I’m an old boomer, dude!

Been going to Miami football games since Bo was a young head coach in 1964.

Apparently Barstool itself has decided it needs more visibility since it’s going to partner with CW this year.