Other Games -Week 13,

Toledo up 10-0 on a last second first half FG after an uninspired first 30 minutes.

Ohio looking really bad, training at Akron 14-3 at halftime.

Two unpredictable teams going at each other in Chestnut Hill. 6-5 Hurricanes up 28-7 over 6-5 BC Eagles at the half in 38 degree weather.

Boise State beat AFA yesterday and certainly would be a worthy candidate to play in a bowl game of the Redhawks were sent out west.

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Kansas State…Playing in the snow…The other Kansas plastering UC at Nippert…OSU and Michigan with a classic…Pitt is lousy this year. But what about in 2026 when we play them?


In perusing other scores, it sure looks like the SunBelt may have something like 9-10 teams bowl eligible.

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Currently watching a Spectrum Sports stream of the Colorado State/Hawaii game to see if CSU can get to 6-6 and secure the last bowl bid.

I probably need professional help. An intervention may be needed.


Hawaii hit a 51-yard FG with no time remaining to beat Colorado State, so the Rams finish 5-7. As a result, there aren’t enough teams with at least 6 wins to fill all 82 bowl slots.

Minnesota will be the 5-7 team to go bowling.

Edit: Hawaii’s postgame show just ended at 3:07 am Eastern time.

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Actually, 12 of 14 sun belt teams are bowl eligible.

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Actually a dozen Belt teams are eligible.

This was a fun game to watch!