Other Games Week 12

Washington hangs on in Corvallis to improve to 11-0.


I was born in Champaign Il. My grandad played basketball for illinois and my uncle played football for illinois.

Is there any FBS program that more consistently underperforms reasonable expectations than the Illini? Remember, this is the flagship institution of a state that is larger than Ohio and has only NIU and Northwestern as in state competition. Heck, Northwestern 's academic requirements force them to recruit nationally.

I think the problem is that Red Grange graduated!

Neither is Grabowski. And Butkus died.

That rain was incredible. So many passes just zipped through hands. Would be a shame that Penix misses out on the Heisman because his receivers except for one, couldn’t catch passes.

I’d rather see Daniels win if that’s how it plays out instead of Bo Nix. He’s been around way too long and shouldn’t be rewarded for playing forever in college.

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If you are rooting for Daniels then you clearly want to see Brian Kelly happy. Do you really want that?

All Florida State has to do is look at us for inspiration. Losing your starting QB to a gruesome injury the week before playing your arch rival? Do I need to set up an account at the Noles message board? I can ride a horse and probably throw a spear into the ground.


That was exactly the game I expected once I realized the weather would be atrocious - 39 degrees and torrential rain. Penix throws a tight spiral bullet pass. It was very hard to catch them in the driving rain. Odunze is the only one of the three frisbee catching Dawgs that didn’t seem to have much of a problem. Huskies were playing without Tupitala, their top linebacker, and a couple of key D-backs. There is a reason Oregon State was favored. They are a damned good football team.

My dad/sister/uncle went there, I grew up an Illini fan, and live near Chicago now. They’ve always punched below their weight since there are only so many in-state students they can admit, so many Chicago-area residents end up going to other Big Ten schools and return as fans of OSU, Michigan, etc. It depresses fan support, by now enough time has passed where the program is firmly mediocre and the pressure isn’t there for their admin to be competent.

That is DEFINITELY a huge negative on that vote. But it’s Bo Nix. Come on.

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Hoping Brett reaches out to Jordan.

Daniels has been in college longer than Nix.

Looks like 5 for both? At least that’s what Wikipedia says.

Daniels was an early enrollee, so he’s been in college a semester longer.


We have some knowledgeable sports fans here. I would love to hear some other nominees for the most consistently underperforming FBS programs. I still maintain Illinois is the best(worst).


Given the resources available one could argue for both Texas A&M and Penn State.A&M has spent an entire conference’s purse of money on facilities and coaching salaries but hasn’t won a conference title since 1998. There are only three FBS schools in Pennsylvania and one is a G5. The Keystone State has been a traditional hotbed of talent. Out west, I think Arizona State is a probably traditional under-performer. As for a G5 underperformer, UNLV and Temple come to mind, although in this era of glitter and NIL it appears the Rebels might have turned the corner.

Has to be Minnesota. Big 10 revenue. Only scholarship D1 program in the 22nd most populous state, plus two neighboring states with no FBS programs. Reasonably talent rich area, especially in basketball. They don’t have restrictive academic standards for athletes. Located in a metro area. Top 10 in the country in on campus enrollment. Play in the weaker division of their conference.

Football hasn’t won a conference championship since 1967. They haven’t played in a NY6 game since 1961. They’ve never played in a conference championship game. They’ve only finished the season nationally ranked three times since 1968.

Basketball has only made the Final 4 one time in program history and it got vacated for rules violations. Their last Sweet 16 appearance that wasn’t vacated was 1990. They’ve only made it to the NCAA tournament at all 6 times in the past quarter century. They’ve never won a conference tournament championship ever. Their last regular season conference championship that wasn’t vacated was 1982.

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Minnesota’s population is 5.7 million and Illinois’ population is 12.7. Also, alot of great athletes up there play hockey.

In football, I have always felt that Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern and Minnesota are the logical cellar dwellers in the Big 10. Illinois is determined not to ceed that honor without a fight.

Indiana and Northwestern usually are - unless they get a Miami Man as head coach!