One of the strangest sporting events I ever witnessed

When scanning my ESPN app this morning I came across the women’s college basketball game - between the Sun Belt’s Division 1 Georgia Southern Eagles team and a team named Carver - in progress.

The score late in the third quarter was 90-9. I blinked hard and switched it on. Like an evolving train wreck, I couldn’t resist watching. The Carver women looked like they had never touched a basketball before.

The venue was a bit surrealistic. It was an 11 o’clock AM start on a Monday morning and the Georgia Southern arena was packed with screaming Statesboro area elementary school kids.

The final score ended up being 133-15.

It appears Carver is a tiny (about 60
students in 2017) “Bible college” in Atlanta. Their official athletics link - like their women’s basketball team - is broken so I have no idea who their players are. But it is very clear they obviously need lots of prayer.

You can’t make this level of weirdness up!


I’m currently watching the replay. I’m going to watch until Carver scores.

Edit: Carver finally scored with 3:53 remaining in the 1st. The bucket cut the deficit to 19-2.

It only goes down hill from there!!

And I forgot to mention that the Eagles’s head coach and assistant coach were both dressed in Sunday attire and both were wearing 4” spiked heels on the court. Seriously!

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The Carver dudeesses were on their way to church…and a BB game broke out…Prayers offered.

Was the White Shadow coaching?

When I was in high school, I remember our boys’ BB team played a team from a Seventh-Day Adventist school that only had 7 players. We won 88-12.

Ironically, it was the Georgia Southern coaches dressed for church, not the Carver coaches.

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Check out the Carver men’s schedule from last season: 2020-21 Carver College Cougars Schedule | ESPN

21 games against D1 teams. All losses of course. Wild stuff.

Holy Cow! And some thought Charlie overscheduled!

Is this one of those fake universities that were established solely for the purpose of making money from playing buy games?

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I don’t think they were created as that initially but you might be on to something. Beatdown games might have become their version of a bake sale or go fund me page. Would be interesting to research it.