Of the 3 games I’ve been to, best period I’ve seen Miami play this season.

Leading 1-0 after 1. SOGS 16-15 Miami.


Good crowd tonight matching team energy. Passing much better tonight.


2-0 now, but Miami going on the PK.

2-1 Omaha with a shortie. Late in 2nd.

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I’ve never understood an embellishment penalty. Either the offense was a penalty or it wasn’t. I don’t think both should be called. One or the other.


Still 2-1 Miami under 6 min to go.

Chance for our first three win day since ???


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I jinxed it


May OT be as fruitful as the basketball game.

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I hate free hockey.


Played to not lose…
Put all the pressure on our goalie IMHO.

In my not-good-for-much opinion, instead of Omaha trying it up 2-2, we should have been on a power play due to a slashing on Persson’s wrist which visibly hurt him. No call, Omaha ties it up seconds later. Changed the whole game by that one no call. And there were many.

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You’re right!

We’ve been season ticket holders since the mid 90’s when our 6 year old daughter insisted on being in the boy’s hockey number in the annual Spring Ice Show (much to the dismay of those running the show. BTW, years later, she became a pioneer in helping develop MU’s Women’s Club Team which is now D1 ACHA.) Anyway, we season ticket holders are much like gamblers and just keep throwing our money at that elusive win. And while I’m on a rant, is Miami trying to physically blast us out of the rink with the ear-splitting music which is truly very painful to ears? Sorry, it’s just getting old with little hopes of a win and ears hurting too.

I didn’t see the slash on Persson but of course noticed the aftermath. He was definitely hurting from a blow to his wrist.

Also, the Barbolini slashing penalty occurred right in front of me. Barbolini did place his stick toward the midsection of the Omaha player but there was barely any contact and the Omaha player reacted as if it was severe… going down to the ice immediately. I wonder if that embellishment was in the minds of the referees when they called Omaha for it later in the game.


Stuck on 7 wins and heading to another under 10 win season . How can a program that has been so awful attract the recruits needed to compete in their conference?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, they could use a little more volume at the basketball games. Not much louder than a library in there during stoppages. Very low key and no energy.

I guess the administration will give Berg at least another year (or two??) to see if we can begin to compete in the NCHC…it looks pretty bleak at the moment.


If next years Freshmen are as this year’s we’ll be Improving.