Ohio U women at Miami Saturday at 1:00 on ESPN+

This is Senior Day for Miami. We will not be going to Cleveland for the MAC tournament for the 5th straight season. We are 8-20 (5-12) and tied with Akron for 9th and 10th ( we have the tiebreaker… We are 5-7 at home and have lost 3 in a row. As for Sr. Day, Jada and Jaydyn Scott, will be honored. Jordan Tuff went through Sr Day ceremonies last year then came back to play this season. She has been in college for 5 years but only played in 3 of those. I have no idea of her situation. Hennessey Lu-Brown is a SR, but at one point I read that she could come back for another season, so I do not know what her situation is either.

Ohio is 11-17 (8-9) They are playing their best basketball of the year late in the season and are on a 3 game winning streak. They have clinched a spot in Cleveland and currently hold the #6 seed. This is a pretty good result for OU as last year’s star player Ya Ya Felder entered the transfer portal after her sophomore season and now plays for Baylor.

Here are their best players:

5-6 SOPH Jaya McClure 13.1ppg and leads the team in assists

5-10 JR Kennedi Watkins averages 11.2ppg. she had a career high 24 points vs Akron on Wednesday.

5-11 FR La la Fantroy leads the team in rebounds.

5-11 RSJR Maddie Mace had a big game against us the first time

6-1 JR Kate Dennis

5-10 Fr Bailey Tabelin drilled a bunch of 3’s against us last time.

We played a horrible first 3 quarters against OU in Athens, getting down 30, then pressed the 4th quarter and cut the final difference to 16. While Miami leads the all time series 58-38, Ohio has won 8 out of the last 10. Bob Bolden is in his 11th year at OU and has had a couple of NCAA teams and several WNIT teams. He owns wins over both Notre Dame and Ohio State and quite a few other P5 schools. They have struggled the last few years and losing Felder killed this season, but they should be much stronger next year.

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Glad to see them end with a win over the Bobkittens!

I’m very impressed with how much better we were this year. I didn’t think we would win many games and we far surpassed only expectation. Heck, we almost made the tourney. Future is bright.

Bright spots this weekend were hard to find. Women’s hoops hanging on to squeeze out a win over Ohio and Softball’s near miss today at Georgia were two. Yesterday’s 7th inning Softball loss to Jax State was not good.

I think Swimming and Diving may have won the MAC Championship. They were first after day one. If so, congrats to them!

Three of our four P5 Softball loses have been final inning collapses - against Ole Miss, Oklahoma and Georgia. All were big games we had a chance to win but couldn’t close. The other P5 loss was a run rule loss to Clemson.

Keep the faith! Love & Honor!

Swimming and Diving still has events tonight. We were up about 40 points over Missouri State going into tonight. Did you know Ball State is the only other MAC school in the MAC swimming and diving tourney?

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Yeah. The MAC has a number of sports like that. Longwood and App State are MAC teams for field hockey.

I’m frankly suprised we still have a men’s team. I sorta wonder if it’s non scholarship. No disrespect to them at all but winning the MAC with the current schools in it feels closer to D2.

UMass has swimming & field hockey to add to the MAC field


We got up 20 points late in the first half and then again midway through the third period, then almost lost it at the end, winning by 4. Ohio is normally a good shooting team, but in the first half they were 4 for 25 from the floor and 0 for 8 on threes. They turned that around in the second half with 15 for 28 fg’s and 7 for 15 on threes. The game changed when they went to a full court press late in the 3rd period.

Hennessey Luu-Brown had a career high 20 points and hit 4 of 6 3’s. Jaydyn Scott, in the final game of her college career had 15 points and 7 rebounds. Freshman Amber Tretter got another double double with14 points and 11 rebounds. Freshman Nuria Jurjo, in 15 minutes, had 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 2 points.

Girls honored at the SR Day Ceremony were Jada and Jaydyn Scott, Jessica Dae, and Jordan Tuff. Plus a couple of managers.

We finished up 9-20 and in 9th place in the MAC, which is where last year’s team ended. Good to finish with a win over OU!

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Ps, I’m only suprised because I lived through watching mens tennis, soccer, and wrestling get the axe and I can’t figure out how men’s swimming survived.

They do share the same coach with the women’s team.

Right, but does men’s swimming get scholarship money and if so how much. There are 30 or more swimmers there. That’s a big outfit.

Apologies as this now looks off thread given the title.

I don’t know where to find the numbers, but every ( I think) varsity sport gets some scholarships to give out. Other than football, basketball , hockey, and I think volleyball the other sports divide their scolarships into small parts so that athletes get a third or a fourth of a scholarship, something like that. Some get nothing.


Considering the talent difference between who we had playing for us last year compared to Glenn’s hastily pulled together roster for this season, it is amazing we were able to equal last season’s finish in the standings. Kudos to Coach Box and his staff!


In most programs, most baseball players get partial scholarships…usually based on both financial need and the player’s value to the team.

This seems like an odd place to put this, but to continue the discussion, congratulations to the men’s swimming and diving team on our 4th consecutive MAC championship.