Ohio U Road Trip used to be called Migration. Who’s going?

I’m driving up from Carolina on Friday. Got my tickets already. Is anyone staying in Athens on Friday night? If so, where?

Post game on Saturday is the always crazy Court Street Halloween Block Party. Hoping to be on my way back to the south before that madness begins. Forty years ago I might have stuck around for it.

First trip to Athens was a couple weeks after start of freshman year. Saw Miami win, gloated in the bars that night. Bought tickets outside Peden from Bill Mallory’s brother, who was glad to sell to Miami students.


“Unique indoor swimming pool.”

Have only been to one game in Athens -a 40-18 Miami win in 1990. With MACtion and most of the Battles of the Brick now happening midweek, this might be my last one. Looks like it will be a meaningful one.

I am driving down on Saturday and staying just East of Columbus Saturday night. My group already has tickets and we will probably meet for lunch before the game. We will make those arrangements tomorrow.


Got my tickets yesterday. Live in Columbus so not a bad drive. My great nephew I’ve written about before is senior on the Bobbies and it’s Senior Day so mom and dad (my neice and nephews from UC) will be at the ganme and probaly some other family too. My wife will probably be sitting with the family on the OU side. I’ll orphaned by himself, thrown off the boat sitting by Miami FB parents. k

In the meantime…BEAT TOLEDO!!!


Going with my wife, who is an OU grad. Hopefully I’ll
be the happier one after the game!