Ohio U Game 2/25

Fuck 'em. Kill 'em all.


Not really as complete a scouting report as Dick’s, but hard to argue with.


DICK’s previews are good but they haven’t lead to many Ws. Time for the Sackman to step in and take command of the season.


Little sibs weekend in Athens, rumors of a sellout. Hope the Hawks see it as an opportunity.

I vote for Sackman to go stand in front of the OU arena in full Miami attire and yell “Fuck em Kill em all”. After all Sackman you said you want to take command of the season. No price to small to pay!! :rofl:

Cut to him being thrown in the clink

True story. My senior year we drove to Athens to support our friends as they defeated our hated rivals. We did have Miami gear on. Minor problems in the arena quickly solved by campus police. Post game we decided to visit a few drinking establishments ( we were college students). We were quickly discovered by Athens policemen who escorted us to and from each establishment and back to our car. “For our own safety and their peace of mind”. Lots of vocal taunts but the police quickly shut down most of them. The first place we went into did not want to serve us but our escorts told them not to cause anymore trouble. Fun times.

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This game is there for the taking. 3-19 against them in the last 22. The turnaround starts now!

Missing too many open 3s. Also, I’m getting pretty annoyed with the boomers on this broadcast.

Not sure how or why Julian Lewis keeps getting minutes.

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Mabrey killing us. Wiznitzer is probably the biggest piece of shit in MAC history.

You misspelled Ryan Mabrey. Guy has missed 6 WIDE OPEN threes and each one leads to a run out the other way. Absolutely killing us.

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It happens with freshmen. We would start an upperclassmen if we had any of his talent. Consistency will come.

Nice block AM! Shit! Play smart and get some luck here…


Nobody other than Safford, Lairy, and Mirambeaux has more than 5 points.

Yeah pretty brutal to play 5 on 3 in front of all the white trash at the Convo.

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Are we even sure that Mabrey is a good shooter? After today he’s on the cusp of dropping below 30% and it’s not like he’s chucking bad shots.

Soooo many missed open 3’s.

Thought we played decent - but same story - limited production after the top 3 guys.

He’s a freshman. Probably not starting if our team is better. Kid has talent though. Didn’t show it today. Overall, we missed a ton of shots today. Not good. But again, we stay within ten. That’s how you know it’s there for the taking. We need more talent. Once we get it to compliment the pieces we have this whole thing improves. Until then, it’s a wait.


Last few years were frustrating thinking, “how are we taking this many bad shots?”

This year is frustrating because I’m saying, “why can’t we make these open shots?”

I remember Steele saying before the year that ‘we can really shoot at a high level.’ That hasn’t played out.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that OU is a bad team. 3-6 in the MAC going into today. So, I don’t take much solace in this. We are the worst team in the MAC by an order of magnitude.

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