Ohio Marching 110 heading to London

The Bobcats apparently have cobbled together enough money to send the 110 to London for International Band Week. They will perform 5 times at various venues and events around greater London.

I’m glad we found enough money to send the Miami Love and Honor Band to Notre Dame.

And they bought a plane.

Don’t let them come back.

That’s definitely an AI generated image.

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I don’t think so, that looks like the Athens International Airport.

Why didn’t the Brits just invite a HBCU band and get the real thing instead of Southeast Ohio’s minstrel version?


Oh, boy. This is going to get embarrassing when London asks them why they’re not wearing their scarlet and grey uniforms.

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Points to some viral youtube video of the band doing Michael Jackson moonwalking and says, " wait…this is what we were expecting."

I think the 110 and the J School are actually valid bragging points for the Green and White peeps. Their football team hasn’t won a MAC championship since before man walked on the moon. So there’s always that to point out as a failure to launch.

This the parade?


J School sure. And I like the way they focus their honors program on small tutorial style classes. The band? Nah. They’re the Pat Boone or Vanilla Ice of college marching bands.

As a former band member (SEC, Big 10 and MAC), I see them as a very precision oriented band producing entertaining halftime shows. I watched their warmup session in Athens. It was impressive.

They haven’t succumbed to the movement to the drum and bugle corps style and making marimbas and xylophones the center of their sound as a front piece on the 50 yard line…

I also like their traditional style uniforms - similar to Ohio State’s military style.

Miami’s newest uniforms - rolled out at the Notre Dame game - remind me of toy soldiers or something from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Not a fan of the change from our more traditional Red and Whites.


Update: They’re going to London,Ohio!

I don’t think so.


I marched DCI for a year. I’d love for Miami to adapt that style, but students just don’t have the time to practice like quality corps do…