Ohio Game(day) Thread

Spending part of my work day watching a replay of the Kent/Ohio game. With Rogers in, they’re scary running outside, but their line doesn’t look that good.

Side note: Kent’s offense is scary. The camera man is struggling to keep up with where the ball is going.

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Hoping we can do some of this tonight

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After watching this game, I think I’ve changed my mind on which QB I’d rather face… I think Rourke is better. Both are raw. Both make mistakes. Rogers can turn any play into a long touchdown run, but he struggles on throws beyond 6-8 yards downfield. Rourke can stretch a defense and keep you from crowding the box and still has legs. But they both make some head scratching plays. OU looks scary when they’re on, but when they’re not, they look horrid.

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Damn! It’s going to be a cold one tonight in Athens! 39 degrees at kickoff.

My thorough analysis/prediction for the game: We’ll win, cuz we’re Miami and they aren’t.


Pretty crazy that Rogers is raw at his age. I think you can call him a poor passer. He isn’t going to improve at this point.

Sitting in Columbus and the winds are blowing hard to the southeast. That can only mean one thing. OU sucks.


Have my drink made and the TV tuned in. Let’s beat OU.

OU must be dedtroyed

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Good evening, ladies. It’s my understanding that a football contest of some sort is taking place this evening.

Kind of like being able to see people replying live

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Pace wasn’t injured for long


Good three and out. Looked really stout.

When you see him blitzing, you’d better duck. Because Ivan Pace is crazy as fu…

Walker has to come up with that

Yeah, because then we could punt from 5 yards closer.

Nothing like a great defensive series wasted with our standard run up the middle and run on 2nd and 10. Pass the ball

If he doesn’t lose his footing that’s an easy first down

Ok Defense, we need another 3 and out.

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Live is sweet

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