Not covered but worth talking about

For a guy who loves the ponies, yesterday is/was practically Christmas. Or Arbor Day if you don’t practice traditional religion. Were it not for the glue on the hands of track management for 7? 8? (I lost track) horses that died, I’d have enjoyed the race a whole lot more. Lost also between coach McVay being turned into Carbonite, women’s track and cross country had a huge day at The Billy Hayes. I think that’s the event IU puts on and we had a ton of first and second place finishes. Yet lack of coverage makes it hard to find out a whole lot. Also, men’s baseball has quietly been escaping the gravitational force field of suck. They absolutely tuned Akron 10-0 yesterday for their first 3 win streak of the year. Maybe they get hot+lucky and cause disruption in the MAC tourney. I can’t say I was expecting it as they looked like they might not win ten games earlier in the year but I’m glad to see I was wrong. The transfer from Grand Canyon is an elite hitter and it’s fun to imagine him leading the country in dingers. Maybe next year if he stays consistent.

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Good post! I’m still quite concerned with our inability to hold opponents to under 10 runs on a continuing basis. Softball won two of three at Kent to clinch the regular season championship. Congrats to Track and Field!