Northern Lights

From our driveway. Colors pop more through the lens of my I Phone.


I was driving on the turnpike past your location and saw them.


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Toledo area. Genoa specifically. From our driveway. Should be visible pretty much everywhere if not too cloudy. Use your phone camera to scan towards the north.


As I mentioned in the dogs/tornado threads, we are in Watervliet MI for the week.

My brother’s house in Des Moines last night at 10. Reminds me of Fairbanks.

Heck, we went to Fairbanks to watch us play hockey. Saw dogs, ice,hot springs, and a guy with a massive headache, but no Northern Lights.


Chena Hot Springs is where I watched the lights.

That was a great place. Sled dog in the shower w us after we braved the boardwalk back to the building.

Good old Pump House!

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I still have a headache.

Living in Florida about three miles from a well-lighted baseball-softball complex (Nine fields all lighted) we get a similar effect in the middle of the night, especially when there’s some fog in the atmosphere and the maintenance people fail to turn off the complex’s lights…which happens frequently.