Non conference schedule

It looks like it ended up being one of the easiest in modern Miami history

GT tied for 15th place (last) in the ACC 4-14
Lamar 0-13 in the WAC. 2-25 overall (both wins not D1)
Stetson 6th out of 6 in the ASun east 5-11
W Illinois 6th place 7-11 in the Summit
Cincinnati 7th place in the AAC 7-9
Indiana State 9th out of 10 in the MVC 4-14
Clemson tied for 10th- 6-12 in the ACC
Bellarmine 2nd out of 6 in the ASUN west 11-5

When you lay that all out in black and white, while also remembering the D3 games, it is kinda a sad tale. (especially when you throw in our W-L record against that line up.)

I’ve been following this a bit as well, and yeah. Yikes. 3-5 against this crap.

9-17 overall vs. D1. can not be considered a success in any way on the court.

5-0 was definitely fools gold.