Interesting article on NIL.

Ohio State claims that it is #1 ranked in NIL money for its athletes with compensation of $3 million split between 220 student-athletes.

A national survey from last summer (possibly dated now) found average NIL deal was $471 with a median of $35. This would suggest that most of the money is going to a few athletes.

That same survey found that 79% of NIL money was going to football players. 10% to men’s BB.

Interestingly, that survey also found that the median deal was just $5 more in D1 that it was in D3.

Social media is driving most of NIL transactions and money.

Article via Football Scoop.

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I believe ~$1M of the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College’s money went to one athlete. He’s now a Texas Longhorn

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Anybody have any idea if/who/how much any Miami athletes are getting in NIL $$$T?

My often referred to on MHT great nephew, an offensive lineman at OU, has a NIL deal with a chicken wings place in Athens. That was as of this past Thanksgiving. Got a little weekly budget for free wings and soft drinks. Think all O-line buddies are on the same deal. And no…I’m not kidding. :joy:


I’m extremely curious about MAC NILs.

Ryan Day and Gene Smith at OSU say they need at least $13 million in NIL money to keep its football roster together.

According to Gender Equity report for 2020/21 we spent $13.9 million on all men’s intercollegiate sports.

I don’t think this list is all that current and there are a few names, particularly for football, that I do not recognize. The list however does include my new favorite Miami student-athlete Kate Kobayashi.


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I didn’t go through all 50 but checked out enough to see that they’re likely all “sponsored” by Barstool Sports, who basically said if you want to be a sponsored athlete, fill out this form and you’ll be a Barstool Athlete.

Does anyone know how the school might be helping our student-athletes learn grow their marketability for local sponsorships or running camps in their hometown they can profit from?

I probably know the answer to this but does Miami have a collective or has anyone heard of anybody trying to start one?

Miami is one of the only schools in the MAC and one of the only midmajors that has a brand building service for each athlete.


The NIL stuff, to me, needs to be reigned in a little. But until it is, I think it could be an opportunity for Miami. I’m guessing there isn’t much NIL money being floated around right now in the MAC. If Miami, using their wealthy alumni base, were to put even a moderate NIL collective together, they could really do some damage in recruiting. Perhaps I’m overstating how deep our football boosters pockets are, or if they would even be interested. Just an idea though

I an not against what you are saying- maybe the momentum will create new opportunities

But Miami donors havent come close to funding the sports program. We havent made progress on Millet and it has been a priority for many years. I just remain skeptical that many of these deep pocketed alums think paying college football players is a good idea


I’m not convinced with the collectives, especially at the G5 level. I think if your goal is truly to maximize wins by spending money that you’d probably get a better ROI by donating to the athletic department then you would by trying to get a couple high 3-stars and low 4-stars here with NIL deals.

Realistically I think the benefits of NIL for Miami athletes is gonna be being able to do camps for pay and some deals with local businesses for free products or small payments. I don’t think there are big money deals out there for most athletes, even at the P5 level.


The current deals Miami athletes have are for T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants. So I don’t think your too far off of what the reality of NIL at the G5 level is.

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When you look at some of the football NILs they are with walk ons who have not even played a down yet. Not saying anything bad about them, but I just don’t understand the whole NIL concept, you have guys getting “paid to play”, probably not the right phrase, but they aren’t even playing?

Most of the football names are not walk-ons

I don’t believe I said most, I said some.

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The NIL Concept is simply this, “How can big-monied schools further destroy college football.”

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I dont think schools wanted this- I think it was the players and media

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I had tried to publish this earlier but there are strange things afoot with the site today as this was first under baseball and then ben/dan Patrick show so I erased. Here was the basic thought: Maybe we’re doing the NIL all wrong. I see us with quality teams (women’s softball, field hockey, women’s tennis, and a men’s baseball program that just had an all-American). If I was in charge, I’d go to every local restaurant (or food trucks) and pay them a small fee (think 500 bucks) to give out free food at events to students. Or if the orgs want to contribute then they can donate it. Deal might be for a limited capacity and if it’s for say softball or baseball, you have to stay at least 4 innings to get it. I’d also give every student band who was into it and had talent a small fee to play at a game (pre-game, between pitches etc.) or a dj. Basically, instead of giving NIL money to one player, split it for the students. Mac school money isn’t likely big enough to make a difference to get a game-changer but it’s a lot of money to create better atmosphere. For a number of reasons, maybe this isn’t possible, but I think the one thing all players want (in addition to money) is more atmosphere at home games and this makes it possible.
For a couple of home games a year, this wouldn’t even cost that much.

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Not a bad idea, but you’re proposing something that really has nothing to do with NIL.