NIL and the MAC

It looks like Eastern Michigan is embracing the new NIL policy and openly courting players with financial incentives via 3rd party capital. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s to come across the entire CFB landscape. You’d think that with Miami’s many prominent business leaders among its alumni base, that we would be strategically situated for this development better than most other MAC schools, but then, student involvement in athletics has been an issue for years now, so who knows, perhaps there will be some apathy there among potential donors.

Here are some EMU alums getting after it on twitter, tagging all sorts of news outlets in the process, letting everyone know that they mean business.

Big difference between saying this and following through on it. No one wants to live in Ypsi.

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Both Batch and Lang need to brush up on their English…but, then again, it is EMU.

For a million bucks he can get an apartment in Ann Arbor.

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As i mentioned this morning in the other thread, offers like the ones Batch made constitute a violation. You still can’t do direct pay to play deals. I’m surprised it’s gotten this far in Ypsilanti without some official intervention.

Don’t you think it will be structured to conform to NLI rules? I doubt it’s a cash offer.

It’s presented as a cash offer. I think that kind of blatant booster interference is supposed to be self-reported to the NCAA enforcement folks. I’m guessing their rivals are watching it very closely. What they might do if he were to show interest in it is anyone’s guess.

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A Miami buddy of mine moved to Ypsi after graduation. He would tell people he lived near Ann Arbor.