Toledo’s Quinyon Mitchell is the first G5 player taken! Picked at #22 by the Eagles.

Well, at least we were in the highlights.


I didn’t see any film of him picking off Miami but there was one with an Ohio pick and a sack at Notre Dame.

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First play ESPN showed was vs Gage Larvadain in the MAC championship. It was PI in my opinion :man_shrugging:

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Mitchell chased down Aveon on that 50-yard run, allowing us to bleed more clock before scoring to go up by 9.

Thanks Quinyon!


Saban essentially admitted to tampering last night by saying they tried to get Mitchell to enter the portal and transfer to Alabama. He never did though, and finished his career at Toledo. But just goes to show you what’s happening to these top MAC players.


And Quinyon thrived in the MAC and was a first rounder. Had he transferred to Alabama, he may have got lost in the shuffle of the scheme of the defense or something. Penny Boone should have taken note. Your role at Alabama is a gamble, was a sure thing at Toledo.


Western Michigan LB Marshawn Kneeland goes #55 (second round) to Dallas. The MAC now has the first and only two G5 players taken in this year’s draft to this point.

The 39th pick, DT Braden Fiske - from Alabama to the Chargers - is a portal transfer from Western Michigan.

@Miami_Oh_Yeah Boone is going to Kentucky.

For how long? shorter or longer than his stop at Louisville?

Will Boone cry when he finds out he won’t get more than 8 carries a game (if he is the starter) and then leave Kentucky in August for who knows where next? I’d bet so

I’m a firm believer that an RB’s success is more about their Offensive Line and their Coach’s offensive scheme than their own ability. sure their ability matters, but how many times has a “stud” NFL RB been traded to a new team and then did pretty much nothing? Anybody who plays Fantasy Football has seen this over and over and stays away from traded RBs in their draft the next year.

Unfortunately, that RB believes their own hype most of the time. Bet Boone and Amos flop this year with less than half their stats from this season? Maybe waaaay less or none at all.

Has to be longer unless he goes back in the portal by Tuesday. Doesn’t open again until December.

Draft 1st Round by Conference

SEC. 11
PAC 12. 8
Big 10. 4
ACC. 4
BIG 12. 3
IND 1 (Notre Dame)

Not me. I pride myself on building an inept roster of ragtag mediocre talent and then openly mock those I beat. Honestly, it’s not great. I should be better.

Former Ball State and UCLA RB Carson Steele is leaving school early and declared for the draft. He is projected as a Priority Free Agent.

Overrated. Steele can’t even get a yard when his team needs it most on 4th and 1 to earn a bowl bid.


@muhawk The draft report is mostly negative regarding his likelihood of playing at the next level.

Former Kent player taken in the 4th round. WR from UNC. I guess that’s 5 total for the MAC now


Tez Walker