New Wide Receivers coach, Miles White


Really continuing with the trend of hiring former NFL guys. Curious if it’ll have an impact on recruiting. I’m sure there are a lot of recruits who would love to learn the craft from someone who knows what it takes to get to the next level.

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And here’s the proper release

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This looks like a very good hire!

Amen, you got to give Coach Martin credit!

He also had 4 catches in one of the most underappreciated games of the century.

Is that the 4th and 93 game?

I believe 4th & 93 was against Mississippi State. This was something totally different.

College Manziel really was on a different level.

This looks like another good hire. Can anyone on this site provide a comprehensive review of who has left and who has joined and any reason s for the turnover? Until this year Matin’s staff has been relatively stable…

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Getting jobs from larger schools. Notre Dame. Auburn. Or not retained and landed at OU.


Who went to Notre Dame and Auburn? This is what I have seen
Whitlow-AF Academy
Shearer-U Conn

I think the recruiting organizer video guy went to Auburn

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This part is interesting…or will make the game interesting.


Logan Meyer - Director of Player Personnel went to Auburn

That’s gotta look really cool on a bidness card. Probably wrap around text to get the job done