New NCHC Commissioner hired

The NCHC has tapped Heather Weems, who has been the athletic director of St. Cloud State since 2012.

Pretty cool to see a woman get that opportunity. I will christen her: “commission-her”

(Did you see how effortlessly I did that?)



Has also worked at Denver previously. Seems like a logical fit and someone who is very familiar with the league.

Conference offices are moving from Colorado to Minnesota

When discussing goals for the conference Weems had this to say:
“That we anticipate the NCAA transformation model and that we are prepared to pivot and respond in a timely manner. By that meaning we need to act with both urgency and patience. We need to know and be grounded by where we are centrally as we talk about membership and multi-sport conference alignment.”

CommissionHer, question from the back of the room:
“Hi, I’m from Town & Hillbilly Magazine, and my readers want to better understand how one can act with both patience and urgency at the same time. Both sound diametrically opposed. Like being both big and small the way Biggie Smalls (RIP) so gracefully was. Thoughts?”