New Mexico State Suspends Men’s Hoops Season

I went to New Mexico State’s most recent home game last Saturday in the 12,500 seat on-campus Pan American Center. I saw James Beck score 12 points and add a half dozen rebounds in a win over Seattle University. They had a decent crowd considering their record this season and program support seemed pretty solid. Lots of optimism about heading into CUSA in all sports next season.

Today’s announcement was a shocker! Their new head coach is having a nightmare of a first year!

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When Dick started the “Things Could Be Worse” thread, this is the kind of thing he probably meant.


We’ve already discussed that he didn’t mean worse. He meant Plantagenet

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I didn’t know Beck was still playing. Is he a graduate transfer?

He played a year at Oakland, sat the COVID year as a transfer to Miami and played one year for us. I think the NMSU program listed him as a Junior.

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It felt like he played 2 years for us

He played 2 years at Oakland, transferred to Miami and sat out the 2019-20 season, then played 2 years in Oxford. This is his 5th season actually playing, and he’s listed at a RS-Senior.

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Almost. He played two at Oakland, sat out one at Miami and only played one at Miami. He was shown as a redshirt senior on his 21-22 Miami page and the same on his Aggies page. This should be his final year of eligibility because none of his playing years was the COVID year.

He played 22 games in 2020-21 and 15 games in 2021-22.


I just got home from spending the past three weeks up in ABQ, taking a class at Kirtland AFB

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How was he able to play a fifth year?

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I’m assuming COVID.

I thought the 20-21 year was the only free COVID year. Strange.

Redshirt year plus the COVID year means 6 years to play 5.