New MAC football conference scheduling criteria

This is from a post on the MAC board from an article in the Toledo Blade. There were 8 criteria, but the one I thought everybody would be very interested in was " A school now must play every league member at least once every 4 years and at least 3 times every 8 years.

2023 Toledo at Miami
2026 Miami at Toledo
2027 Toledo at Miami

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I know they’re in the other division, but what has the explanation been for why we haven’t played Toledo in forever?

The MAC was lazy and they just kept the same rotation for all teams for about the last eight to ten years and Toledo was not in our rotation.


MAC scheduling joke. The MAC is a very minor league and, apparently, scheduling everyone or some sort or rotating basis takes some programming skills.

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To some degree I would have to agree. The MAC’s web site is a complete joke. Doesn’t appear to have had a features or content update since about 2011.


considering the B1G signs a media deal worth $1B a year, i think 3 cross-over MAC games presents too much of an opportunity cost to ignore

assuming that at least the SEC and probably the ACC will follow suit with their agreements…have 1 cross-over MAC game and have 2 more buy games…Miami and the MAC are getting bled dry by the P5

the MAC would have to find 28 more buy games across a pool of 44 B1G, SEC and ACC teams

If you go below 8 conference games then you start running into issues with getting the minimum number of home games in (4 FBS + 1 FCS is the lowest you can go iirc).

Plus, is there the demand for more buy games from the P5? Maybe to replace some FCS games but overall I don’t think so.

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Schedule should be coming out soon for this fall. Wonder if the MAC/ESPN will do anything this year to spice up midweek November MACtion this year?

What did you have in mind? They already have taken our rivalry games like Miami-OU, Toledo-BG, and WM-CM. We usually have a game on Election night? What else could they do?

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Not sure, maybe I didn’t phrase it right but you are asking the same question I was trying to ask. Are they going to try and come up with something or will they keep the status quo?

This actually isn’t allowed now. You can’t practice or compete on Election Day:

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MAC introduces innovative pre-season scrimmage model similar to NFL. I personally love the idea to get a live scrimmage in vs a team you don’t play. Great oppy to see what works rather than butt heads against your own team who knows your looks, plays, etc.
Detail: 75 min max of contact and during 3rd wk of preseason practice.
Nice job by Steinbrecher / MAC

I miss the days of Frank Deford insulting Toledo.


Guess the MAC didn’t get the memo about no game on Election Day!