NCHC Doomsday

I think it was in an @bonk interview where Sayler mentions an NCHC doomsday scenario where Miami, Western, Denver & CC advance to the league championship giving them no local teams at the Frozen Faceoff. Denver and CC advanced completing 50% of the scenario. Omaha and St. Cloud advancing would probably be doomsday adjacent. The NCHC has already lost revenue with Omaha hosting North Dakota and St Cloud hosting Duluth in the first round.

“Oooooooooo the nightmare scenario for the conference……”

Still doesn’t fix the problem that the team is noncompetitive vs the rest of the NCHC


When I saw the title of the thread, I was excited for a moment because I thought maybe the league had imploded and we were free to depart without the exit fee!

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North Dakota heads off calamity by defeating Omaha.

Colorado College beats Denver 1-0 in the Semis. Faces St Cloud on Saturday night.

Peter Mannino, assistant Coach @CC,
recruited their Freshman class which is top notch.

Just sayin’.

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