NCAA Shrinks Window To Enter Transfer Portal

Essentially now 45 days. With some caveats. I think this is a good thing. Still allows players a modicum of player movement while giving teams some certainty in setting rosters, recruiting etc. Of course, as with any rule, it will have its warts.


Good move IMO

Good choice. They also made the following changes:

Eliminate attendance requirements at FBS schools (effective immediately).
Increase the application fee for transitioning from FCS to FBS from $5,000 to $5 million (effective immediately).
Require all FBS programs to provide 90% of the total number of allowable scholarships over a two-year rolling period across 16 sports, including football. FBS schools will also be required to fund 210 scholarships each year, amounting to no less than $6 million annually (effective August 2027).
For schools that begin transitioning to FBS in 2024-25 or later, requirements must be met by the conclusion of the transition process.

And in somewhat related news, University of Utah’s NIL group, the Crimson Collective, secured a deal with Dodge, and all 85 scholarship players were given new Dodge Ram Big Horn 1500 Trucks. Each truck’s retail price is $61,000.

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We could probably put together enough to get Trabants for our players.


But they’re only getting a lease, not the actual truck. So this is more in the range of tens of thousands, not 60k each.

Also, the lease term is 6 months with renewals provided the athlete is still on the team and eligible, which is odd to me. I thought NIL deals couldn’t be conditioned on specifics like that, since the intent is to not have them be for recruiting (at least in theory)

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And this …

Pretty nice swag bag, eh?


Now let me tell you how this translates to the players’ minds:


Excerpts from Field of 68:

NCAA tightens transfer window, grad rules, tweaks coaching calendar
Changes are coming to the transfer window. And to the recruiting calendar. And to social media (kinda, I’ll explain later). And most of it makes sense, which is a welcome change from some of the usual NCAA moves.
The NCAA Division I Council approved multiple changes on Wednesday, the most significant of which applies to when student-athletes can enter the transfer portal. They had 60 days this year. In 2024, it’ll be just over six weeks.

In men’s and women’s basketball, the windows will open for 45 days the Monday after Selection Sunday.

“In both men’s and women’s basketball, the council determined that a 45-day window that concludes on or before May 1 best enables coaches to understand their current rosters, provides stability for student-athletes remaining at the school as they prepare for summer basketball, and encourages student-athletes who intend to transfer to do so before final exams at their current schools and summer school application deadlines at most campuses,” said Lynda Tealer, chair of the council and deputy athletics director at Florida. “Moving forward, we will continue to evaluate the impact of transfer windows on student-athletes, coaches and athletics programs.”
The NCAA noted that 61% of student-athletes who transferred did so within the first 30 days. There were reports that the NCAA would move it to 30 days. That wasn’t the case.
“We had every argument for 30 days,”. “Men’s basketball was against [45]. … The men’s basketball student-athlete engagement group favored a 30-day window after the second round.”
The portal still opens the day after Selection Sunday — the one aspect that still needs revised given many teams are preparing for the NCAA Tournament, the NIT or the CBI. Not only should the attention be on those events, but it’s also a challenge for the coaches to prep their teams and spend time on the portal.
Another important change: Grad transfers can’t make a move anytime they want.
The council also heard from the Legislative Committee on an update to graduate transfer waiver guidelines. The Legislative Committee noted that notification-of-transfer deadlines of May 1 for fall and winter sports and July 1 for spring sports apply to graduate transfers transferring for the first time, and that beginning in 2024-25, graduate students seeking waivers for postgraduate eligibility will need to comply with those same deadlines.

The council expressed support for the current transfer waiver guidelines for student-athletes who have transferred multiple times as undergraduate students.
It’s unclear if this will apply to student-athletes taking summer school courses to graduate.
As for the recruiting calendar, the April evaluation period is gone. That’s now a time when coaches can focus on the transfer portal. It’s a major change (and one the coaches pushed for). The June recruiting weekends are likely to stay in place, per CBS Sports.

The Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee approved changes to the recruiting calendar for the 2024 season. These are the live evaluation period dates for nonscholastic:
May 17-19
July 11-14
July 19-21
July 22-24 College Basketball Academy only

Oct 4, 2023

Coaches are still waiting for that true “dead period” so they aren’t working year round, but that’ll have to wait until 2025.
Lastly, the NCAA says [no more photoshoots for prospective recruits]Where that leaves the the Joe Tiptons of the world (and people like me, searching for images during the long, slow summer), I don’t know. But I’m guessing we’ll see some ingenuity emerge. Maybe this is where AI takes over.