NCAA hoops - Other conference tourney games

SEC #9 seed Mississippi State is hammering #1 seed Tennessee by 20 with under 8 to play. March is going to be interesting!

73-56 Final - Bulldogs send Smoky packing in round 1.

A&M sends #2 seed Kentucky packing, too.

The bubble could really shrink in the next 24 hours. It’s already shrunk by 1 with Dae Dae Grant and Duquesne knocking out UD. An Oregon/Colorado Pac-12 final knocks another one out. UAB and Temple are alive in the American semis. NC State will play for the ACC championship. New Mexico is alive in the Mountain West semis. Texas A&M’s win over Kentucky tonight may have been enough for them but with 4 spots possibly taken by bid stealers, it’s in their best interest to keep winning.

SEC #3 Bama blown out by Florida!

#4 seed Brown (12-17) beats #1 seed Princeton (24-3) in Ivy semi. Bubbles bursting every hour!

Vermont wins the American East tournament 66-61 over Umass Lowell.

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And we beat Vermont. Yay us!

Dae dae grant, who spent 3 years here, was leading scorer for Duquesne in their semi win yesterday.


Duquesne desperately trying to give away a game they once led by 18.

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It’s official. We have a “Miami-Ohio” mention on CBS on Selection Sunday.


So, Grant made it with Duquesne, Nike made it with Pitt, Adaway made it with St. Bonaventure…

It’s the new age of college athletics. The sad thing is there may also be players on the current Miami roster who will make the tourney elsewhere at some point .
I hope not.

I cant believe the MWC got six teams and the MVC only got one

Every year the selection committee loves the MWC and hates the rest of the mid majors

Indiana State should have gotten in. The Committee will point to quad 1 wins but that is part of the same math that still had Indiana State at #29 higher than most of the MWC bubbles


I blame the black curtain.

The Mountain West is no longer a mid-major in the same breath that the MVC is.

Indiana St. probably would’ve made it if not for all of the bid stealers. The bubble shrunk in an unprecedented fashion.


This is some selective math but the mountain west conference teams are 9-33 in the ncaa since inception EXCLUDiNG san diego state who is 11-12, utah and byu.

9-33 and those teams are almost always seeded between 6-11. They arent playing the 3 seed

San diego state obviously made the final 4 last year but they are still only 11-12 with some really high seeds

Byu and utah are no longer in the league but as members byu was 3-8 and utah 4-6


Those records are as mwc teams only. Obviously unlv had some great teams in the big west

The most overrated league in the country every year

They must have the best analytics guys though to manipulate the NET

They have fewer scheduling issues than the rest of us do. The PAC 12 teams have a hard time finding good nonleague competition since there are no other power conference teams out there. So home and homes are fairly easy to come by for MWC teams. They are also more acceptable to the PAC 12 because almost all of the MWC teams are the major or the #2 University in their own state. So they would view playing New Mexico or Colorado State or UNLV or Boise State or Nevada, etc. more favorably for a home and home. That does give them more chances for NET 1 or NET2 wins than a MAC team, for example.

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MWC non-conference SOS for this year

San Diego St. 9
New Mexico 212
Colorado St. 52
Boise St. 26
Utah St. 141
Nevada 231

5 of the Big 12’s entrants had worse non-conference schedules than Nevada this year. They probably manipulated the metrics the most of any conference this year.