NCAA D1 hockey tournament

6U has tryouts? Yikes

Not really. It’s rec league and everyone makes a team. They have this skate to fill rosters and ensure all the teams are equally talented. Don’t want a team full of kids who could play 8U at 5 wrecking the kids who are playing competitively for the first time (like my son will be).


DU wins…we’ll see about that big 10 matchup in the frozen four :joy:

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Michigan State knocked out by Michigan last night.
Would have liked to see Red Savage make the Frozen Four,and anybody else BUT Michigan.

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At least we can still watch Chase Pletzke :joy:

I’m rooting for Denver, because obviously that is the only acceptable choice at this point.

That Frozen Four field is absolutely disgusting. Denver is morally and ethically obligated to win the natty.

Denver and BU tied 1-1 after 2 periods.

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DU 7 Centerman Aidan Thompson - two years at Berkshire School. Yay Bears. Filthy save by BU Goalie on that last minute shot of his.

Did I just yell f*** you at my tv when the ESPN reporter started talking about his team storming back 15 years ago today? Why yes, yes, I did. :confounded:

I don’t say this often, but GO DU!!!


Yep, that was the best weekend ever, until it became the worst weekend ever.


I changed the channel earlier when they were clearly going to show highlights of that game. I have no need to see that crap ever again.

Good job, Denver. Now go win Saturday’s game, too.


Broz with the winning goal for DU in OT 2-1 Final


BU losing in OT is sweet sweet karma from the 513.


If Michigan keeps this a one goal game at the second ice cut, they’re going to be completely convinced that can win it or tie it and send it to OT.

And just like that - two BC goals in 29 seconds
3-0 Eagles with 6:43 left in period 2.

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They need to put chase pletzke out there for some Miami magic

4-0 BC Final

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That tie :triumph:

NCHC wins another! Unbelievable 3rd period from DU and the goaltender.