NBA Finals

Watching game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, reminded me of watching a good/very good mid major against a high major like Kansas, where the mid major simply doesn’t have the overall height and size to compete. I often hear “size doesn’t matter in today’s basketball”. Well all I can say is to my eyes, last night, size definitely mattered. The Heat simply don’t have the size to contain Nikola, Gordon, Porter. And yes, these players, especially Nikola, are terrific talents, no matter their size. But size clearly is a difference maker in this series. Jovic, with his all round game, might be my favorite NBA player to watch.


Size always matters and always will. It’s style that has changed. Brad Daugherty was the first pick in the mid 80s but might not go in the first round today.

Size, style-we are ultimately discussing the same thing when it comes to this series. Using their size, and the style they employ, at least through game 1, the Heat have a significant time matching up with Denver. What’s the old adage? You can’t teach size or height.


Or quickness.

Having watched the game last night, I agree completely with Malone’s post game comments re lack of effort. Gordon and Porter in particular were not good. As aggressive as Gordon was in game 1 that is how passive he was in game 2. Bottom line, his lack of aggressiveness took away whatever advantage his height game him. There is little excuse for Porter or Gordon not be be able to take advantage of a elderly Kevin Love. It will be curious to see how they perform in game 3.

Shockingly (satire), the NBA Finals ratings stunk. Roughly…4th lowest in the last 30 years. Sure, they did well vs. other TV shows this week (#1), but a low number is a low number.

For the first time in their lives, many viewers envied their feet…They were asleep.

A Boston/LA matchup would have helped (and many other matchups). I’ll put away the adjective “unwatchable” until preseason games begin in early October.

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