N Y Times article

Just read a NY Times article about affirmative action for college entrance based on income. The article mentioned a 2017 study which pointed out 14 public universities where the students in the top 1% based on income out numbered students in the bottom 60% based on income. Miami was one of the 14. Others included 7 Big 10 schools (Indiana,Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Maryland) plus Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, & Texas A & M. I always knew Miami skewed higher income students but didn’t know it was this bad.

Whats bad about it?

I wish we could turn that money into Miami athletic improvements


I’m not entirely sure of the context here, but it would seem to be in keeping with the notion that the top 1% of families have more income than the bottom 50%. I guess it could have to do with the rural, small college town environment, the stature of the university, it’s traditional “preppy/country club” image, or the success of its graduates coupled with its use of legacy admissions. That list is a pretty decent list to be associated with.

I don’t know if that is as straight forward as it seems. My father worked a skilled trades blue collar job with a lot of overtime, who made smart choices. I was a first generation college student from Lakota High School. There were obviously richer kids at Miami, and there were some that were clearly just hanging on.

When we did college tours, my parents liked Wright State because the dorms had a bathroom for two rooms rather than hall bathrooms. I liked Miami for the feel and the business school.

I want to sum this up in several different ways, but I knew the school was preppy when I applied and was part of the reason I applied. I might not have been buying my clothes from J Crew at the time but I did find the place where I fit in.