My Favorite Edible Holiday Gift

Is always the same… Boxes of chocolate-covered cherries. Clear liquid, of course. It’s a tradition.

Love them.

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Depending on the state, a sentence starting with “my favorite edible” carries a much different connotation.


Had no idea. Just Googled it. I assume they don’t put it in chocolate-covered cherries!

Love chocolate covered caramels myself! (but like cherries, too!)

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You’d be surprised! Though the chocolate cherries are delicious without anything special added.

Personally, I prefer Esther Price. And speaking of that


For more information on Esther Price:

The cherries are soaked in buckets of Kentucky bourbon for six to eight weeks.

“The longer they soak, the better they are,” Weaver said.

Love Esther Price! Caramels, honeycombs, and chocolate cremes.


Forgot about those honeycombs.

Single malt whisky advent calendar!

Eddie, that’s another thing we have in common-love chocolate covered cherries!

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Phillip Shriver’s favorite holiday treat… he got one or two boxes of chocolate-covered cherries every year as long as I can remember.