Monitoring the portal

Some of these were previously reported, but as of today, the portal monitor at Gopher Puck Live lists four Miami players who’ve entered the transfer portal:

Derek Daschke
Bray Crowder
Chase Gresock
Monte Graham

For what it’s worth, St. Thomas appears to have eight guys in the portal.

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Looks like 3 were first year players with St. Thomas and the others were DIII carryovers.

The site says Dashke has 2 years of eligibility. Assuming that’s a mistake.

Anyone surprised that any of these 4 want to transfer?

All of them have played 4 years of college and wouldn’t have eligibility if it wasn’t for covid. Obviously you’d rather keep the veteran players around if you can but I can’t be too upset about them wanting to try a new place for their final year.

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Didn’t 20-21 not count for anyone because of COVID? If so, I think he has two years left.

His first year was 18-19, so he’s played four but still has one year of eligibility from 20-21 not counting.

Actually, yes, I thought there was a very good chance Monte would return.

He already played four so he has one left, which he will play somewhere else if he doesn’t turn pro.

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