Monitoring other games -Week 8

Middle Tennessee 2-5 giving Liberty 6-0 quite a battle tonight on CBSSN. Tied at 21 at halftime.

Blue Raiders and Flames tied at 35 going to the 4th Quarter.

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Liberty takes a 7 point lead early in the 4th. MTSU has three good chances to tie it but couldn’t get it done. Final 42-35.

FIU and SH State going to OT 2 on CBSSN. Tied at 27.

FIU wins 33-27. Panthers break 8 game conference losing streak. Bearkats blow their chance for their very first FBS win.

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SHSU may be the most entertaining 0-7 team in history.


JMU starting to get some separation from Marshall with a minute left in the third quarter. 13-2 defensive struggle. Rasheen Ali unavailable to Herd tonight.

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Marshall has 36 transfer players on their roster from FBS and FCS programs. Their starting QB is from Wayne and their Redshirt Freshman QB is from Centerville.

Final score JMU 20 Herd 9. Marshall with minus rushing yards.

Marshall not in JMU’s class. Out gained something like 400 to 160 yards.

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Disappointing home crowd in Huntington on multiple levels, including sections covered up by tarps? I didn’t think I’d ever see that in Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

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It was a damp Thursday night. Not many visitors from Harrisonburg because of it being a midweek game. Looked like a decent student body turnout.

Temple is a dumpster fire. 48-0 SMU with 11 minutes left. Paul Carcaterra said the silver lining for Temple tonight is that everybody in that area is watching the Phillies NLCS game and there are only 5,000 fans in the football stadium.


Shame that games like that make ESPN awhile some MAC classics over time are relegated to ESPNU at the best.

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OU leads WMU 6-0 at the half. WMU keeps driving down the field only to continually screw up and not score.

Ohio misses a FG with 11 minutes left. Bobcats lead 13-10.

Each team has bounced a kick off an upright.

Analyst: “I feel like these are the kicks you only see in the MAC…”

Well, at most MAC schools, maybe.

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I think this guy is very disparaging in his comments about the MAC.

Alabama was down 20-7 to Tennessee. It’s now 34-20 Alabama with 2 minutes to go. I think Lowe’s or Home Depot will be the new sponsors of the Alabama locker room after the paint Saban probably peeled off the walls

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Iowa gets the bigggest screw job I’ve ever seen and PJ dances away.

Iowa had just 127 yards of total offense and only lost 12-10. The O/U was 30. Crazy.