Monitoring other games - Week 11

True freshman QB having a night for UVA. 2-7 Cavaliers lead #11 Louisville 20-14 with 49 seconds left in the 3rd. Extra point pending. Medical staff attending to serious UVA injury on the field.


USM at UL tied at 28 under 3 minutes left
UVA at UL tied at 24 under 6 left

Serious injury was to UVA RB Perris Jones, a 6th year Senior. No movement in any extremities as he was carted off on a stretcher to UL Hospital. Reports out this morning are that he has regained movement in all extremities. It was a scary situation. ESPN wouldn’t show the replay.

PJ is getting motorboated by Purdue.
Fickell going to lose badly to Northwestern.
Neon gets booted by Arizona.

Great day so far.

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Disagree about the Fickell thing. UC fans desperately root for former coaches who move onto bigger things to fail, so if Fickell succeeds at Wisconsin, it causes them pain.


Iowa/Rutgers combined for 22 points and still managed to stay under the record-setting 27.5 under.

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Michigan (Coachless) strong at THE PSU. Franklin may not be equipped to beat UM and OSU consistently. But who is…

BYU getting ready to upset Iowa State. Edit: Ouch. Ugly early.

Mississippi playing #1 Georgia tough early in the second quarter. But it is early…

Columbia lost today. Too bad. A win would have been great!

Jerry Kill’s comeback tour continues as NMSU upsets WKU on the road to win their sixth straight game, move to 8-3, and clinch a C-USA championship game spot. They close their season with games against Hugh Freeze, Rich Rodriguez, and Liberty. A team playing for America’s heart.

Sadly that’s the best Deacon Hill has looked all year.

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UC finally pops their Big XII cherry. They win 24-14 at Houston.

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Duke got what would have been essentially a game winning interception in their Tobacco Road rivalry game against North Carolina. The referees inexplicably called it a catch for UNC and didn’t review it. This allowed UNC to extend the game to OT, where they just won it.

Of note, in last year’s Duke-UNC game, UNC scored a winning TD in the closing seconds where the receiver stepped out of bounds prior to making the catch. The refs did not call illegal touching, which would have won the game for Duke. If it had been called correctly, Duke would have won the division and gone to the conference championship game instead of UNC.

Can’t even imagine how livid I would be if I was Mike Elko.

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That game was hard to watch. I did see Rusty on camera a few times though!

I’m pissed off for the sake of the underdog challenge, stupid refs cost me 10.5 points.

Wonder what the number will be for Buffalo and Miami?..It could be pretty low.

He’s generally equipped, but the “Matt Canada” offense is ineffective


Well, to name one, UGA is built to consistently beat Michigan and OSU (and everyone else for that matter).

It’s working.

Seems too high after watching the OU-Buffalo game and the Miami-Akron game last week.