Money to Burn!

We’ve known for a while that Liberty’s revenue stream from its huge online program has made them flush with cash to upgrade their athletics. Watching today’s weather-delayed NASCAR Charlotte 600 I’ve noticed a red and blue car and driver whose primary sponsor is Liberty University.

That’s novel. Could we be heading toward an era of NCAA D1 Racing Teams? Lol

Liberty started sponsoring William Byron’s rides in 2014 and have continued with him through the ranks up to the NASCAR Cup series in 2017. He’s been a Liberty student since 2016.

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Although I live in NC, I’ve only been to one NASCAR race, the 2019 Charlotte 600. Not a huge fan…have been an F1 fan for 30 years, though. Yesterday was the first time I noticed the Libertymobile.

Watched quite a bit on TV during the boom of the late 90’s - early 00’s and would make it to 1-2 races a year in person. In person is great so long as you have a radio to help follow along. I think the biggest thing that caused me to lose interest was the length of the races. As the number of yellow flags grew the 500 mile races dragged on into the 3.5-4 hour territory. I couldn’t imagine going to the 600. Their attempt break it up with the stages is really not addressing the problem. F1 and even Indycar are much shorter and make for an easier viewing commitment.

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Agree.Indy got shorter as the cars got faster. F1 has the two hour limit. The 600 seems like 24 hours of Lemans.