Mike Brown - Titans

Mike had a big special teams play against the bears last weekend. He also had the second highest defensive PFF grade for Titans. It earned him some praise from the coaches today and could mean a roster spot if he keeps it up.



Speaking of the NFL, here’s an interesting list. Brandon Brooks might be a strong candidate, as well.

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Lambert as #1 sure. I can buy that. Honestly, Moss was more of a 1-AA guy than a MAC guy. And Gates didn’t take a single snap for Kent. So 2 of the top four played a combined one season of MAC football.


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Sherman Smith and Rob Carpenter deserve consideration. And Jacob Bell started 100/109 games played in the NFL on the OL.


Wonder who the Top 10 are in all-time MAC hoops? Surely, Miami would be represented by Harp and Wally.

These are both a little dated, but it is a start on best MAC BB players of all time, with one limited to 1990-2015:

And my list for Miami has three: Harper, Wally and Devin Davis.

Was Buffalo in the MAC when Jerry Philbin played for them? This feels like the Big10 network celebrating Nebraska’s national championships in football when they were a Big 8 and Big 12 team

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Good list, but if this is all-time it has to include the great Wayne Embry.


I thought Eastern Michigan to the MAC was after George Gervin

Gervin never graduated and didn’t play four years. Got suspended for a season after starting a fight and then went pro in the minor leagues.