Mike Babcock hired by Blue Jackets for 2023-24 season

Interesting hire

He sucks as a human being.

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Johan Franzen, who played under Babcock in Detroit, told a Swedish media outlet that Babcock was a “great coach” but a “terrible person” and a “bully,” saying he’d been verbally abused by the coach and witnessed him treat others in an abusive manner.

My kind of coach!

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Ask Mike Commodore about his days in Detroit.

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Mike Commodore Talks About His Hatred of Mike Babcock

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Mike Babcock and Ivan Provorov! What a start to this offseason! LMAO WE’RE BACK!!!

2nd round pick Gavin Brindley, C, Michigan…his dad, Ryan, played for us allegedly.

Adam Fantilli…STUD. We’re back! CUP!

Unsure if any have been arrested.

You would be correct about Brindley’s dad.

Well, that didn’t take long

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Gonna be up there with the other recent CBJ legend Jonathan Quick.